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What is Gmail?

How to create a new email in Gmail is very easy. If you got to this page I think you have not been able to create an email. But it was not a problem for me.In my opinion, Gmail has more complete features than other email services such as yahoo mail (Ymail). In addition, Gmail also has other features such as blogger.com to create a blog, google analytic, google webmaster, and many more.

You can learn more about what Gmail is and what features are. You can directly go to Wikipedia page at http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gmail.

Who does not know to use email or do not know how to register Email?

If anyone can not make email, let's learn together here ..

Gmail AccountEmail has nowadays a necessity because it is a gateway to enter the world of the Internet. Especially when you want to sign up to the popular social networking, namely Facebook and Twitter. Many sites that provide free email services but do not have the benefit of great significance. If you have email, you can only use it to send messages and sign up social media only. This time I wanna introduce you, and you have known an Email provider which is very multi-functional, i.e Gmail. Why do I say so multi-functional? because by having Gmail you can access various Google products e.g Android, Google+, Google Drive and many others. And one of them if you have a Gmail account you can generate dollars by signing up at Blogger.

What's Gmail? Gmail is an email or electronic mail service (E-mail) based on Website which you can access through a variety of devices connected to the internet. Gmail also has an application that can be downloaded in a variety of Smartphone Android Operating System platforms. So you can bring it anywhere because it is already in your Smartphone.

On April 1, Google launched Beta version means that in experimental stages and you can sign up through the invitation system of users who are already using this service and it was available to the public on 7 February 2007 though it still experimental stage or Beta Gmail still have many advantages. On July 7, along with the rest of Google Apps, the service is no longer in Beta version.

Gmail offers a large storage capacity that other email services usually only 2-4 MB. However, Gmail has 1 GB of storage. This is the largest service email provider than others such as Yahoo and Hotmail. Gmail also includes the advertisements on the service. I think this is fine because the ad is not displayed on the external but are shown to the user and this is the consequence of free multi-functional service. In Gmail, any entry Email has the label, this is because Google has a very great software to sort through incoming mail.

Well, Gmail is great, isn't it? If you think this article is useful please leave your comment below. Thanks
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