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How Search Engines Work and Kinds of Search Engines

Maybe we are not very familiar with several types of Search Engines And How it works, if you do not know, well we want to describe several types of search engines and how it works, to know more about search engines. The following, I explain how search engines work.

How Search Engines Work

Search engines actually carrying out its mission together with the browser. The browser that we already know namely Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, Sapari, UC browser and many more. When you type something, then we enter, the Search Engine will work to search the database and the results obtained by the search engines is given back to the browser, then the browser displays it to us in a easy format  to understand / comprehend.

Search engines

Actually, the way search engines work is not straightforward, the search engine works behind the scenes. Search Engine actually working with its partners namely engine crawler or indexer or bot robot. The simple form, to the ongoing process, when the user opens the browser and ordered the search, then the browser ask the Search Engine to find. If it has been obtained, the result is returned to the browser and the browser displays it to the user. Everything happened very quickly and precisely so that we do not know the actual process is behind this screen.

Web search engine works by storing information about some of the web pages are taken directly from the URL or link. This page is taken with a web crawler, the web browser automatically follows every link it sees. Then the content of each page is analyzed to determine how to index.

For example, the words are taken from the title, subtitle, or a special filed called meta tags. Data about web pages are stored in an index database for use in subsequent searching, this is the process of data storage when we need it someday the search engine will be presenting faster.

Search engines such as Google always keep all or most of the source page to the database of the results of crawling (called a cache) as well as information on the web page itself. When a user uses a search engine and enter a search query, usually by entering the keyword immediately search engine will index and provide a list of web pages that is most appropriate or relevant to the criteria that the user is looking. This list is usually accompanied by a brief summary about the document's title and sometimes parts of the text of the search results that we were looking for (or it called description).

The result of data will come up by the search engines when a user is typing a keyword. At the top or the first page that has the most accurate contents. The accuracy of a search engine in presenting data and information sought by the user can be a barometer of the quality of a search engine.

In general, how search engines work begins when the user writes the website address (URL / Link). Current web address filled, then the search engine spiders will receive and analyze the URL automatically. The spider web decides the blogs/websites are listed acceptable or not. If feasible, the spider immediately add the URL address to the database system. Ranking immediately determined by algorithms with their own way.

Kinds of Search Engines

Based on the way to storage the web pages, search engine can be classified into 4 categories, namely:

1.Computer Created Search Engine

This category of search engine has many advantages because this search engine serve many information although sometimes the information is not relevant. This search engine used software spider. The function is to hack on certain web pages. Then, it starts to storage the data.

2. Human Organized Search Engine

This search engine is managed by the human. This search engine chooses the relevant information and grouped them into specific group in order to valuable to the users. This search engine uses the experts to manage it, then the experts classify the web pages based on the category.

3.Hybrid Search Engine

This search engine is made by the human but how it works are together with the computer. So, the accuracy of results are higher. The human contribution here is to make correction on the web pages classification. Actually, it is the simplest of search engine because we can make based on our idea.

4.Meta Crawler/Meta Search

MetaCrawler/Metasearch is media of search engine. So, it is not the real search engine. This search engine will send some requests to the some search engines. The result will be displayed on one browser page. The result is so many.

That's all kinds of search engines and how does it works. Hopefully this article is useful. Thanks
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