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What is Google Adwords?

Many people who had had to create a website but it was low traffic. Actually, many factors affect why your website is low traffic. For example, the age of your site is still very new, less attractive content or your website is hard to find on Google.

If you feel that a website is good enough and you have interesting content, your website may be hard to find in the Google search engine. The easiest way to appear on the Google search engine is to Advertise using Google Adwords.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one form of advertising with paid services. The service is very effective especially if your website is really new. Google will display your ads in the form of text and images. Usually, when the user types the related to your blog content, your blog will appear on the first page of search engine with label ads by Google.

How Google Adwords Increase Your Income?

Google Adwords is able to display your ads related to your target market, you can determine your target market age (Old or New Market), where they live, the time the ad appears (Long or Short time), you can even determine which media your ad appears, whether on a computer or mobile device. With analysis tools from Google, you can monitor the effectiveness of your advertising such as, how many clicks your ad, from anywhere the visitors of your website and what device your visitors use to access your website.

Google Adwords Income

How to use Google Adwords?

The way to use Advertising using Google Adwords is very simple. Choosing a few words as the main topic or  it is called Keyword. It is a word associated with your product marketed.

How about the Price is

The cost of advertising on Google Adwords is paid per click, so you will only be charged when your ad is clicked by visitors. This means that every rupiah budget spent was only to attract new prospects. You will get a lot of advantages because it is easily implemented. This is one of the PPC Program besides Google Adsense. Here, you are as the Publisher while in Google Adsense you are as Advertiser.

For those of you who want to start trying Google Adwords. Now, Google Adwords offers special product to Indonesian. If you spare your money about 150.000 you will get 450.000.

You interested? Let's Join to Google Adwords to increase your earning. Thanks. Bye-bye.
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