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FAQ & Service

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

How to find all content?
To make the reader is easily searching all the content blog, the Author provide the Sitemap/Table of Contents on this blog. If you wanna find all the articles have published you can click the tab.

How to ask the Author?
If you wanna ask something about this blog and all of the things included it, you can ask the Author of this blog by clicking the tab Contact me on the up right this blog.

How to Find Specific Article?
You can find specific article by clicking the Label on the blog above the Blog Archive. You can choose one of them to know what the article you need is.

How to donate to My Blog?
You can donate to my blog. The form can be money or article. You can send email through irwansulistyanto18@gmail.com to inform me. Thanks

How to know the Author?
You can add the Google + Circle on the bottom center right to know who the Author is. We can make the link so let's study together.

What are the term of service and policy on this blog?
If you wanna know about the Term of Service and Privacy Policy on this blog, you can click the tabs about Term of Service and Privacy Policy on the top right on this blog. It can help you to understand using this blog in order that you are not break the rule of this blog.

Do copy paste on this blog is permitted?
Copy paste sometimes is the bad activity. The author really knows about that but some articles on this blog are also copy paste from the other blog. The little difference is that the author of this blog not only just copy paste but also make the corrective sentence before publishing the articles. So, if the reader of this blog wanna copy and paste the article, please add my blog URL as the source on your blog.
Note: For students (high school or college students) to complete their duty, it is really allowed to copy paste my article. Adding or rewriting the article before completing your task is the author's wish. Thanks