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The Five Criteria Blog which is Loved by Google

There has never been that belies the toughness Google in traffic accounted for a blogger. Although many search engines have emerged later, there are so many internet users use Google to search what they want.

Google has managed to create a solid community in society. Even the new word emerging with the presence of Google.

Competing in the Google search engine is not an easy matter. One word can produce millions of pages of the site or a blog. And only 10 pages of the site with the best quality can appear on the first page of Google search. Many bloggers are asking, how can appear on first page of Google?

Criteria of Good Blog

Basically, appearing on the first page of Google search engine was easy enough, it does not even need to use the techniques of evil (Black Hat SEO). Now, Google more friendly and resistant to malicious ambush techniques. If you want to appear on the first page of Google search engine, you simply need to identify criteria that favored Google blog. Below are the good criteria of the blog.

1. Google Likes Blog with High Domain (TLD)
If we talk about specific domain we will consider about the Top Level Domain (TLD), it is no longer using blogspot or wordpress. Although Google like the blog with TLD,it  does not mean that Google hates blogspot or wordpress. Only Google has a special treat with a TLD domain.

Why Google love with a special domain, the answer is simple. Everywhere the name of paid it takes precedence. But it is possible, if your blog is good quality and will be able to match the blog with a special domain.

2. Google Likes Old Blog
Either nothing to do or not, but Google is not already with new blog, Google prefers the older ones. It's not a matter of taste, but Google assess in terms of maturity. The older the maturation of the blog, the value will be higher. Blog with long life certainly has many advantages, one of which the number of posts.

But do not think of the old blog necessarily be favored by Google. Not all the old blog into Google idol. Only the old blog that maintain and improve the quality favored by Google, then Google will be able to ask them all the time.

3. Google Likes Blog with a lot of Posts
As mentioned above, Google's favored old blog is fixed update. That means, the older of the blog, the more the number of its news. Amount according to Google it much indeed no limit, but 10 is certainly still slightly.

In essence, please make your blog full of posts. The more the better. Minimally, a day you must update your blog two or three posts. Because the higher the number of your posts, pages crawled by Google will be more and more, it means that your chances appeare on page one of Google getting bigger.

4. Google Likes Blog which have Good Quality on their Posts
At number three above mentioned that Google likes to blog with many posts. Many but not quality also not favorite of Google. Google is quite selective in choosing a blog. Apart from having many posts, it also must be qualified posts.

One way to make quality posts that you do not do a copy and paste. Google is very expert in sorting out this matter. So, learning to write so as not merely plucks the writings of others. That would be bad for your own blog. You must imitate the ATM Technique (Amati Tirukan Modifikasi).

5. Google Dislike Blog Spammers
It also should you look carefully. If Google hates blog spammer, it means that Google likes blogs that provide benefits to many people. Each time, Google continues to improve its search results. They set aside as much as possible with the blogs of which only spam.

You still remember when Google algorithm update? At that time, there are many blogs that do spamming that is kicked by Google. Not even a little bit of a blogspot blog which then closed by Google because it works just spam. So be careful with this.

5. Google Likes Blog which Always Update
Final list of criteria of blog which Google likes is a blog that is always updated. It is largely forgotten by the bloggers. Many blogger think that the number of posts already hundreds o then it is enough. It is true, but competition and evolving information requires us to constantly upgrade themselves.

If we are quickly satisfied with the mediocre results, then we will be left with others. Make your blog always updated regularly. Because this is definitely very loved by Google. At least once a day or two posts in a day. Guaranteed, with these criteria, your blog will be loved by Google.

Thus, the criteria of the most popular blog loved by Google. If it is your intention to be a full-time blogger, so do not forget largest source traffic is Google. Even so the site does not mean the only one. Social media also can not be underestimated.

In essence, The Five Criteria above will be saved from Poverty Traffic to Your Blog.

Hopefully useful and Do not Forget Happiness!

Thanks. Learning Based Web
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