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The Definition of Keyword Density (Tips SEO 2015)

What is the keyword density? Keyword density is a percentage of keyword density in a single blog pages compared with the entire word in the blog page.

For instance: Suppose we have an article about 1000 words, and there are 10 keywords in it. So to calculate the keyword density percentage is [Keyword density = 10/100 x 100% = 2%]

definiton of keyword density

In post which SEO friendly, many SEO experts who say to the percentage of keyword density in an ideal post which is 0.5% - 2%. It aims not too many keywords in a single post, and therefore can be considered spam. Writing keyword repeatedly - again and exceeded the recommended percentage of keyword density can be fatal. This technique is referred to as keyword stuffing technique is one of the black hat SEO techniques are so hated  by Google and can be bad for us as exposed blog penalty and enter the Google sandbox.

Number of keywords or keyword density percentage proper density in a single post would be good for these postings rankings in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Hopefully, this discussion on the definition of keyword density this time can be useful for all of you who read it. And thanks for reading this article and visit the blog Learning Based Web. Chou!
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