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Kinds of Google Algorithms on 2014 (Tips SEO 2015)

Did not feel we were in 2015 and left  2014 were in sieve as the year of SEO. On 2014, it is the dynamic year in the world of SEO, search engine google has a lot of changes in the system of algorithm.

There are so many changes of algorithm in 2014, I have summarized some of them:
    Google Algorithms
  1. Page Layout Algorithm
  2. Algorithms Payday Loan
  3. Panda algorithm
  4. Authorship
  5. Pigeon
  6. Https / SSL
  7. Penguin
  8. Pirate

Well let's discuss one by one about algorithm above.

Page Layout Algorithm

This algorithm is commonly referred to as top-heavy algorithms. This algorithm targeting websites that have too many ads or who have excessive ads on that page. As referred to as the top of the page here is the page that is displayed in the browser before visitors start scrolling. The purpose of issuing google algorithm is to encourage the owners of websites or pages to provide a comfortable page for the visitors of the website.

So for website owners it is better to make title of the post and part of the contents of the article can be seen by visitors before scrolling. If section of the page header too many elements that do not really matter should be removed because it will reduce the impact points of the SEO for the website. But it is not necessarily lost in the SERP, but you have to cover the shortfall this point in the optimization of another example on page or off page heavier than it should be.

Algorithms Payday Loan

This is one algorithm that works crawl cyberspace to search for a keyword that is often used for an activity that caught spamming. The word key here will be to get over the limits of optimization and will be booted lowly.

Panda Algorithm

This is an algorithm that takes care of the problem on page on a website. Panda emphasize some things in the algorithm is like the freshness of the article, the reasonableness of the spread of the article, page structure, and many others. if it turns a page designated by the query does not meet the limit values for the query, the modification factor will be applied. Penalty is commonly referred to as the Google Panda Algorithm. This modification factor applies to all pages of web. Only the pages that fail are not going to rank in google.

Authorship Algorithm

Authorship have been booming in 2013 ago but google regard that is often misused by some people in the year of 2014 then Authorship is disabled.

Pigeon Algorithm

This algorithm optimization refers more to the local or regional. Google results for a variety of algorithms that search results according to a particular region. This usually applies to business or business in detail mentioning its territory and utilize the Google Map ToolsGoogle will be describing the priority on a website if using tools google map to explain its business area.

Https / SSL

On August 2014, Google has announced that HTTPS has become one of the signals in the signal ranking. This signal still includes small value. It is intended for website owners to move. One day, this signal will be strengthened its position in the determination of the ranking.

Penguin Algorithm

This algorithm statistical targets of backlinks a website. Google attempted to assess whether our backlinks naturally or spam using the algorithm penguin. Latest developments google blog tried to target private network or what we call a dummy blog. Update of google makes a lot of websites that fall within the search results, because it was caught develop their own backlinks.

Algorithms Pirate

This algorithm was developed google to drop sites or sites that do support the piracy of software, music, and so on. The sites like this are so many that do not appear again as the top search our site search. But not all pages fall in the search engine only which strongly indicates hack copyright infringement that will be affected.

Maybe it's that I can share in this article. Hopefully useful, and if there are suggestions you can comments below or you can contact me. Sorry, when there's an error in my article, I just the ordinary person. Thanks
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