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How to Solve the Latest Google Algorithm Mobilegeddon 2015

Algorithm Mobilegeddon are algorithms search engine implemented by Google on 21 April 2015 can be called the latest SEO of google 2015 for blogs and if we observe carefully surely this algorithm is aiming to mobile devices, so systematically the specific aim of this algorithms is for blogs or sites that use the mobile friendly blog system. Then, google will assess the ranking of a blog or website into the top of blog or in the best position to be on page one of the top search engines.

How does google algorithm solution and overcome this latest mobilegeddon 2015? For admin, in order his/her blog can be in number in SERP and stay for a long time in search engines such as in the best position for top 5 of google SERP. The latest news that I got is that there is a drastic reduction of SEO for all the blogs that do not have good quality on his/her blog. The blog is not mobile friendly, why? because of all the articles which places on the blogs that are not mobile friendly have any impact on the declining from google SERP are about 15 percent to 25 percent.

Think that, when we count a blog that has been famous, get the best position in SERP and always occupy the best position in the eyes of google algorithm then got the impact of this algorithm. It makes the visitor traffic to their blog down because specially, google only search the blog that mobile friendly only.

Algoritma google mobilegeddon

How to Handle the latest google algorithm mobilegeddon 2015. More and more Internet users use the mobile device or mobile phone, google have prepared for long time to handle this situation. Google filters the articles only for Mobile phone. This google's issue about this algorithm will give the knowledge to the Internet users in order to feel and get the best solutions and experience in finding the content of the blog (which is already mobile friendly) in Google SERP with mobile. So, when your article blog is not found on google SERP via mobile phone. You should be ready to use templates that mobile friendly or change the settings to be mobile friendly.

What is called MOBILE FRIENDLY? This is the look of a blog that responsive and SEO friendly when accessed using a mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop computer as beautiful as on the screen to adjust the width of the internet user.

The great way to deal with this algorithm mobilegeddon is to change the template of your blog using templates SEO Friendly. Your blog will show both responsive and SEO Friendly. Now, on the internet there ae free and paid versions, but for blogspot and wordpress it has so many users that using template SEO friendly.

But if you do not switch your template to a friendly template and responsive, please change your template blog become friendly and responsive in order that your visitor blog will not decline, In conclusion, it is very good in the Google SERP.

There are some steps that have been provided by Google if you want to make your own blog become mobile friendly. The URL that you can use to make your blog mobile friendly and responsive is www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly or you can change the look of your blog become mobile friendly by replacing or modifying codes in your template, so your blog will survive in google SERP in the best order.

That's the simple tips about How to solve the latest Google algorithm Mobilegeddon 2015. I hope this article is useful for us. Thank you
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