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English Program for MTs Kandat, Kediri

EcFB is the English Course From Basic. It is Located in Tulungagung as the main Office and Pare as the branch. This English Course is one of the famous English Course at the Kediri and Tulungagung. The English Course program is to teach English From Basic it means that they teach from the Basic skill of English. The subject is from Elementary till University students.

EcFB Course

One of the packet program is to teach students completed with Tour and Travel. Usually, this packet program is offered to the Junior and Senior High School. There are so many junior and senior high schools which is proud to this English Course. For instance, MTs Puncu, MTs Gurah, MTs Jombang, MTs Pare, MTs Ngantru, MTs Karangrejo and etc.

This English Course do the English Program is about 30 meetings in for about 2 months.Each week it is divided into 2 meetings. And in this below are the English Program for the next schools which becomes the subject of this program. The school is MTs Kandat.

Read the Program Carefully.
  1. Introduction
  2. Alphabet
  3. Number, Date, and Time
  4. Speech
  5. Making Contain
  6. Pronoun
  7. Simple Present
  8. Questions Words
  9. Daily Activity
  10. Command and Prohibition
  11. Present Continuous
  12. Practice
  13. Present Perfect
  14. Practice
  15. Game for Fun
  16. Simple Past
  17. Practice
  18. Telling the Experience
  19. Simple Future
  20. Practice
  21. Review
  22. Human Characters and Condition
  23. Describing Someone
  24. Direction
  25. Describing Picture
  26. Family Tree
  27. Speaking (Meeting with Foreigners)
  28. Final Exam
  29. Preparing for Farewell Party
  30. Farewell Party
That's the program for 30 meetings in this school. The subject of this school are 8 grades students. Each class consist of 30 - 35 students. This program will be effective if the students of the class is very active during the lesson. They have to cooperative with the tutor.

Dividing this program, it will help the tutor to manage the material which will be become the topic discussion each meeting. The goal of this program is to make the students not only confidence to speak English but also they can use English everyday life. So, for the students of MTs Kandat please studying more before joining the class. Thanks
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