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Its all about Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate is a free android application that can be used to process pictures of our favorites. There are a lot of interesting effects and easy to use the camera application 360 Ultimate. We can change the photo effect in accordance with what we want. From an original photograph, we can get dozens of photo effects that can be directly we save in the phone without losing the original photo. This application automatically saves a copy and the original photo so that we need not worry and can continue to edit the pictures as we want.

Camera 360 Ultimate

Features Application Camera 360 Ultimate

There are several main menu on the camera interface 360 ​​Ultimate. In the top left corner of listed securities options that are being used. When we change the effect options, the display will be directly listed there. Meanwhile in the top right corner of the available parameters of the camera to adjust the white balance of the edited photo. Camera 360 Ultimate provides a choice of five settings for this camera parameters, namely Auto, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Sunlight, Lights and Auto.

To select images we will edit from the photo album, you can use the menu located at the far left. While on the right is the camera mode. Select one of the menu in the camera mode so that photos taken completely stable. You can also use the menu screenshot while taking pictures by clicking the Shutter menu. On the right side, besides menu Shutter there is menu effects that are the hallmarks of Camera 360 Ultimate. With this menu we usually spend more time to edit our pictures.

In the camera mode 360 Ultimate effect, this application provides a wide selection of highly creative effects and outstanding, such as the effects Enhance, Magic Skin effect, the effect of B & W, Lomo, Huge Head, Tilt-Shift and others. For combining with the photo frame templates that have been provided, we just click the scenery mode. We can also add a free plugin to create effects that have been there all the more remarkable. How to install applications Fantasy for Camera 360. Some unique effects and not common yet still artistically available in this application as supporting Camera 360 Ultimate.
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