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The Most Popular Android Application

The most popular Android Application

For those of you who have android phone you certainly would not like it if your android phone is not used to communicate with a messenger service with your friends, android as one of today's most sophisticated operating system always offers applications to facilitate the users. one application that can be used for all versions of android smartphones is a chat service. This chat application will be easier for you to perform instant messages to your friends or your family quickly, because the use of applications running on the Internet. so if you want to run this application you must buy internet packages to be able to run this android application. The following are the most popular chat applications or applications that are most widely used by android users:

Whatsapp Messenger

WA Messenger

The first chat application is Whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp service is very easy to understand smartphone users because until now smartphone users always install this application for instant messaging communication media. Whatsapp first offered to mobile users based apple / iPhone. But with the passage of time these applications can be run on the Android Operating System and BBM. To obtain and download this chat applications please go to Google Playstore.

Line Messenger

LINE Messenger

For the second chat application is LINE. This application runs on all OS Android, iOS and the iPhone. Line offers many attractive options such as emoticons to describe the mood of users as well as to the current line has a calling feature a live call. This application is very light and can run in all versions of the smartphone, until now LINE has installed approximately 500 million people. To download the LINE you can go to google playstore.

WeChat Messenger

WeChat Messenger

WeChat is one of the other chat applications, you can share messages with ease in this application. In addition to offering convenience to send a message WeChat also provides emoticons that can describe the feeling of your heart. WeChat has almost the same features with LINE. These applications are often updated to add the bug so that applications can run well on all smartphone platforms. You can download the application for free WeChat by going to google playstore.



For the next chat application is KakaoTalk. Since its release, Kakao talk provides solutions on the chat really easy, with support for instant messaging and live call, Kakao services provide an easy solution for users of smartphones Android. Live chat app is frequently updated to add bug or additional features. In addition to this application can be used for mobile application is also available for PC users. Kakao is so very easy to use for all platforms. Kakao also provide an attractive emoticons store if you want even more use an attractive emoticons to describe your mood. To download KakaoTalk please visit Google playstore.


BBM for Android

This application is an application developed by BlackBerry Limited. This application provides an atmosphere increasingly crowded chat application, if the first of these applications can only be enjoyed by BlackBerry-based services but now Android and iPhone smartphone users can use the BBM application with ease. BBM helps you to send and receive instant messages are immediately delivered. BBM is possible to share the status with your friends as well as additional features for today's live call is one option to facilitate the wide range. so if you now have not been using BBM chat applications you can download it at Google Playstore


Skype for Android

Skype is a chat application that was carried by Microsoft. This application is very easy for you to make video calls. Now users android smartphone, iPhone and iOS can use Skype with ease. live streaming service was first introduced to the user desktop or PC. But now these services can be used by mobile users, if you are interested in live video calls from Skype you can directly install by downloading Skype chat application by going to google playstore.



Viber, such as a chat application services in general, Viber offer live chat feature and a live call. Viber itself is very well known for Viber is one of the first applications of the many chat applications to do a live call. Application of Viber Media is very light to use and if you are curious it is fitting you to download Viber app in google play store.

Facebook Messenger

Fb Messenger

This is the last chat application that is facebook messenger. As one of the most popular social media, facebook does not want to miss in the chat business issue. Now with through facebook messenger, you will be easy to do instant messaging with your friends. Not just limited to messaging services alone, facebook now also offer live call which can only be enjoyed for those who install facebook messenger in android phone. For PC users not currently available to make a call directly. You're curious about this application? Please download the facebook chat application on google playstore.

Thus chat application that you can use for your android phone, there are many chat applications that you can use, but only for the above applications are currently the most popular. Hopefully this article useful.
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