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Can we solve Youtube Monetization disabled?

Many bloggers of around the world are looking for some money through Internet. They use internet as media to earn some money ($). Many bloggers argue that by using or joining google.com in its product (Google adsense) they will earn some money.

Can we solve Youtube Monetization disabled

The most popular media to earn some money is Google adsense. Google adsense is Google product. It can be integrated to Blogger.com or Youtube.com. It is called Google adsense Hosted Account. While, If we use for other 3rd part of Google.com it is called google adsense Non-Hosted Account.

Here, I will share my Adsense for Youtube.com. 6 months ago, I have youtube.com namely SEO Anyaran Channel and Education Channel. This channel I integrated with my two other youtube account. Those are Karo Seri and Salamatan Fiddunya Walaqiroh.  Next, I will share my experience about what happens to my account?

6 months ago, I started to earn some money through my youtube.com. I remixed some videos on youtube. I knew that my way was not true way. Actually, I have to upload my own video but till now I am still so busy to make it. heehe.

Day by day, I uploaded several videos. But on 16 Juni 2014, I got Strike 1 from youtube. My youtube account cannot be monetize for 6 months. This happened to my account because My account have in trouble in some cases for instance Copyright and Content ID. I was so confused for 3-4 months later. I red some articles how to solve my problem. I tried some ways to make my account normal again. But, there were no best way. Then, I decided to let my account. I just hoped on December 2014 my account will normal again.

Now December 2014, this is my special day. Youtube decides to make my youtube account normal again. This is the proof.

Dear Seo Anyaran,

Monetization has been reinstated on your account.
Please remember that for your videos to be eligible for monetization, you must follow our Community Guidelines and own all the necessary commercial use rights to all visual and audio elements.
If you would like to know more about copyright, please visit the YouTube Copyright Center. If you need some inspiration on how to create your own original content, please check out the Creator's Hub where you can find helpful information.
The YouTube Team
The conclusion is that we have to patient for 6 months. But, we must consider that all my videos have to in normal condition. The video is not in Copyright's trouble or others. Thanks for Youtube. Hopefully, My account will not get the second strike because it will make my account be deleted by youtube official.

Thank you, may be that's all my explanation. Bye bye...
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