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Personal Poem and Its simple analysis

When I used to ask students what a poem is, I would get answers like “a painting in words,” or “a medium for self-expression,” or “a song that rhymes and displays beauty.” None of these answers ever really satisfied me, or them, and so for a while I stopped asking the question.

Then one time, I requested that my students bring in to class something that had a personal meaning to them. With their objects on their desks, I gave them three prompts: first, to write a paragraph about why they brought in the item; second, to write a paragraph describing the item empirically, as a scientist might; and third, to write a paragraph in the first-person from the point-of-view of the item. The first two were warm-ups. Above the third paragraph I told them to write “Poem.”
Here, one of my students' poem. Read carefully! This is taken from his/her name itself.


The Underdog
I_am alone in this world
R_ight choice always tease me
W_ishing a big dream
A_sking about thing
N_one I get
S_ometimes tired
U_nhappy is my clothes
L_ittle action will change everything
T_riying to fix them
Y_elling aloud voices in heart
A_llah will bless me
N_evermind someone insulted
T_rying, trying, trying till the world end
O_nly Allah and me who know

Analysis  and additional idea:
It seemed that the writer has something desired, but he cannot reach it at this time. This wishing is still in process. He always tries everyday to increase his ability in order he is accepted by others.  This is not just day dreaming. His desire is about how he can be able to be higher than his expectation. He is the poor farmer’s son but little by little he becomes someone who has to predicted by others. Now, he is co-lecturer in the Islamic University of Kadiri. To be a real lecturer, he needs power from his beautiful mother and Allah, although his mother doesn't understand well him. He loves her so much. With the power of Allah and his mother, he hopes that someday. It is gonna be alright if his dreams is comes-true and he becomes the professional lecturer in the future. Amin.

1. Never get tired to keep move on
2. Life must go on. May Allah be with you
3. Whatever our feeling and our condition, happy or sad, smiling is better.
4. Knowledge is number one.

That's what my student made, if there is suggestion to make this article to be better. Please mention to me. Thanks.
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