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How to Increase Youtube Viewer Automatically

Youtube views
Hello my friend on Learning Based Web, this time I will discuss about a tricks on how to increase the viewer of YouTube automatically and quickly. I share this trick because I've tried it myself. Immediately read this trick below. But, be careful please... !!

The Step are:
1. Install Mozilla add-on reload every and Ip-fuck on Mozilla us. If you have not got, I provide also the link. So, you just copy and paste in your browser or block the sentence first then right click. Open in new tab.

Here the links are:
a. Reload Every 17 ---> http://bit.ly/XR5XuU
b. IP Fuck ------------> http://bit.ly/ex6kgx

Already Installed in Mozilla? continue the trick below...

2. Go to your YouTube video page, right click then find reload every, set at 5s (i.e every 5 seconds, we'll pitch video page reload / repeat) you can set this into every 10, 30 seconds or whatever time you want.

3. Ipfuck automatically run after once installed to your browser then it will function by itself without us set again. But, better if we check its status enable or disable, if "disable" soon "enable" it. Ipfuck function is to change the IP address every time you reload the web stuff. There are millions in number IPFuck IP address.

4. Completed, and you can stay enjoy, watching tv or doing facebook and increases the amount of your YouTube view by itself. :)

A few information on how to easily add views YouTube, good luck.

Note: This method I use for YouTube that is not in monetized by Adsense, I hesitate to use the video which is posted and monetized by Adsense, Adsense that you should be used is the Adsenseback up or prepare new Adsense, Fear if the your old Adsense got banned. Thanks
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