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How to Follow a Blog Quickly

Following blogs can actually be done by using the follower widget on blogger, but the way how to follow is not very effective. Therefore, the blogger also been provided the tools to follow the blog quickly.

The Advantages from Following Blog:
  • Every posting new article in a blog, indirectly it will appear on our dashboard. 
  • In our follower widget it will be looked more interesting because it will show the total of our follower. 
  • The total follower is a sign of the number of fans. 
  • The total follower is usually often used as benchmark for the blog admin to assess the quality of the writing and the blog post. 
  • We'll get the latest update of the blog posts, so we do not need a subscription to use FeedBurner. 
  • Our ID follow will spread everywhere.
This tool is at the bottom of your blogger dashboard, on the top of reading list. In that section there is a menu ADD.

How to Follow a Blog:
1. Please Sign in to your blogger account in www.blogger.com.
2. Then, select the ADD menu to follow the blog on the bottom of any part of your blogger dashboard.

Add blogger menu

3. Furthermore, a new window will appear, please you ADD from URL with the URL that you want to follow.

Next add dashboard

4. The last, click Follow to Follow the Blog
By using this tool, you will be easier to follow the blog which you want. That's all my explanation today. Hopefully this article is useful for us. Thanks
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