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How to Get Google Pagerank

Before discussing more about the google pagerank, it is better if I also explain what google pagerank is. Based on some various sources that I read, I conclude that google pagerank is google algorithm in the form of rankings given by Google to a website (website / blog) based on its importance in search engines. Regarding to the definition and a fuller explanation, you can read it on wikipedia.

Google Pagerank is one of the things that are sought after by most bloggers, especially bloggers who had long been concerned with the activity of blogging and until now have not get google pagerank. In fact, to get the google pagerank is not easy and sometimes takes a long time. But there are also sector in the website or blog that has recently started blogging already get pagerank, it depends on the assessment of the google algorithm that until now a secret and a scourge of endless discussion. I say so because, no one knows for sure about these things, we can only analyze the factors affecting the blog to get pagerank from Google.

Google pagerank

From my experience, there are some important factors to get google pagerank. It is started from SEO techniques. There are two term namely SEO on page and off page SEO,

Google Pagerank

1. Link Building 

There have been many webmasters that explains the importance of link building. Link building is the process to create and increase the number and quality of inbound links, i.e links pointing to a page of your blog / website. But to do link building is also no provisions, which form a natural link building. Because too many link building in a page is not good, it will be considered spam by Google and are at high risk. 

Basically link building is composed of two techniques, namely: 
  • Internal links are links between the related links on the article with other articles link in the blog. 
  • External links is an attempt to establish a reference from a blog / website through links that point to your blog / website specific. 

To do link building from external link you can do so by getting links from sites that has good rating or websites dofollow status.

2. Write Original Articles 

Besides writing the original article and not copy and paste, you are also need to know the ratio of targeted keywords with total letters in it. Thus, the possibility of your article to the main page position in SERP greater. Thus, when the position of a blog or article that we are able to write on the main page of the search engines, especially Google, the number of clicks is also greater than unique visitors. So that the level of interest of the blog or article we're higher, and this gives a separate assessment by google which will give you the pagerank of the blog or website that we have. 

Two things that I have described above is an important factor to get a google pagerank. That's all which I can explain about the tips and how to get google pagerank, may be useful and hopefully your blog or website as well get it. Thanks.
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