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How to Get Quality Backlinks?

If you are as blogger or website users, you will be often met with the term of "backlinks". What are actually these backlinks? Backlink is a link in the form of a website address or blog link such anchor text which usually is located on the blog or other websites. There are some opinions that say better they get backlinks, better their position on Google SERP. It is true that the existence of backlinks is important role in the world of websites, therefore It is not be surprised that many people who use the backlink on its website.

Good Backlinks

Unfortunately, many people are too focused with collecting backlinks in their website. They are always ignore the important factors that they need to do rather than having to hunt backlinks. Did you know that many websites that have only minimal backlinks but looks better in the SERP position of the website even has thousands of backlinks. Google engine program is always updating their algorithms to assess how feasible or not a website, and the core of all alghoritma google is just want the information obtained by search engines services interesting and holds quality information.

With The things which is explained before, there is not all websites can be perched on the number one in google position. There are still a lot of them are sometimes posting information that is already there, and back again posted. These articles discuss randomly as a source of backlinks for example from blog posts, web directory, forum posting, social bookmarking, and more. However, these explanations seemed like meaningless because they do not understand about theimportant thing of blogging.

Now, the question is how to get quality backlinks? Here will be given a trick to get quality backlinks.
  1. First, place your backlinks on authority sites with high scores. Give it a different and interesting personal attention resulting in connection with the perceived importance that have high authority. Quality backlink is when we already know the good source or not.  We can see from How is the movement of google rank from those website. The higher the value, the more quality backlinks that will be planted. 
  2. Secondly, use the text backlinks keword you are targeting. If you provide a target on your website with keywords such as "education" you can use the word in the anchor text that is located in the external links. If you want more interesting use of synonyms or other equivalents such as "Teaching" or "Learning". 
  3. Third, plant informtif backlinks. Avoid uninformtif sentences. 
  4. Fourth, competitors backlinks also the influential factors, so you should always monitor the SIAG backlinks from competitors. There are several backlinks monitoring programs that can be utilized to monitor. One is Alexa. I give these references because Alexa is one of the monitoring program of high authority backlinks. Read also How to Claim Alexa Widget.
  5. Fifth, Look for a backlink from a different location. It provides its own variations.
  6. Sixth, do not be easily tempted by subterfuge posting robot that can provide large amounts of backlinks. You must consider that google cannot be deceived by the system works. Obviously not. Therefore do not try to use it occasionally.
That's all the explanation about the article How to Get Quality Backlinks, hopefully this article will be give good information. Thanks.
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