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How to Get EDU and GOV Backlinks

Most people do not know how to get backlinks from EDU and GOV, they are useful for a web site. You would be wrong to think that a web site at a cost that is only going to get it. And as you can imagine, GOV and EDU is a top level domain that enjoys special trust which is considered very high by search engine providers such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. And backlinks from these domains can take your website rankings to a higher level. Here are some of the best techniques to get the GOV and EDU backlinks for your site.


One of the many ways that you can build backlinks is by commenting on other blogs. To get started create a profile EDU and GOV. A great website that will help you do it is drop my link. You can search for blogs based on a desired keyword. But more importantly, you can choose the type of blog you want to view from the drop-down list. From there, you can choose Edu or Gov Blog, and get relevant blogs based on your keywords!

You can then filter your results. First for blogs with high PR, for comments takes time, and you do not want to waste time on low rank blogs.

2. Identify Bloggers Edu 
For more quickly, you can use the following keywords in google: site:.edu "Get your FREE guestbook service!" GOV backlinks extension to replace .EDU to .GOV.

Or use the site:.edu inurl:blog "post a comment" and select a website that would in giving comments, remember comments must inline with the articles, then if no suitable with it, the possibilities is not approve by the author.

In addition to give comments and get dofollow backlinks from Edu and Gov can be very difficult. One of the strategies are some of the features like the blogger in your post, you can plant a website link that you discuss in your article so that they will backlink to you from gratuities. For example, you can create a list of 'best college blogger', or 'best student blogs in the English' and etc. This little recognition awards are hopefully sure to get attention, and hopefully will get backlinks. 

To find the blog, here's a Google search tricks. If you search Google for <site: edu> (without the square brackets), you will run a search for all the edu domain with the extension. You can also search specific sites by using the method <site: yoursite.com> this. If you search Google for <inurl: blog> (again, without the brackets), you'll land all web pages with the term "blog" in their url. You can combine the two to run a search for edu blog -. <site: edu inurl: blog>. Additionally, you can add individual search terms in quotation marks to improve your results according to the keywords <site: edu inurl: blog "technology news">. This way, you can display 'technology blog on top university'.

That's all my explanation, Hopefully all of you use this method to get more EDU and GOV backlinks in many website. Thanks
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