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The Influential Factors to Achievement

According to Barbara (2004) there are some factors which influence the student’s achievement. Those are home environment, school environment, vocational plans, social rejection, and immaturity. In line with the statement before Dev (1997) states “generally the factors which influence the students’ achievement are the mature, the intelligence, motivation, personality and facilities”. Those factors have the big influence to the student’s achievement.

Parents involvement

Home environment
Home environment is the first factor which gets the big influence from the student’s achievement because the students usually learn about something from home first. It is proven by Rumberger (1995) states that family background is widely recognized as the most significant important contributor to success in schools. It is supported by Swick & Duff (1978) that home has a major influence on student school success. To support the statement before, De Fraja, Oliveira, and Zanchi (2010) states that parents are very important for educational achievement because children is learning from their family first. What parents do is become the child references in their future.

School environment
Under achievement is determined not only by home environment but also by their school. Boring lesson and dull teaching make less motivation so it effect to the students achievement (Brown, 2000). This study states that parent, teachers, and peers influence on student engagement. Teachers’ support plays and has important role in the student motivation, school identification, and value of learning. Support from their friends more complicated. While students participate in extracurricular activities, see value in learning, and identify with school when they have peer support, results from their achievement may be different.

Vocational plans
When the students have the adolescence time, they have more planning in their mind. They need more motivation and support from parents, teachers, and peers. They need more knowledge to increase their achievement.

Social rejection
The achievement of student will be broken if they get rejection from their peers. They feel dissatisfaction with many things. They struggle their parents and their school. So it will make their achievement become shattered.

It is impossible someone who is not having maturity appropriate with their age to maintain their capability. They break their achievement.

The students who have the maturity inside of their mind can face the problem easily. They can choose which the best for their achievement in learning process is. It is very different with the students’ who are immature; they can not manage the important things for their self. The students’ maturity is easy to reach their achievement. The students are not ever effortless to make their achievement come true.

The high intelligence helps the students to make their dream come true. Their intelligence guides them to be success. The high intelligence gives the higher chance achievement too but it has to be supported by doing the task or work well.

According to Brown (2000) motivation is the key of learning. If the students have the big intrinsic motivation, they can face the problem or vise versa easily. The big motivation from their body makes them easy to adapt with many kinds of situation and condition that will make their achievement broken. Because of the motivation the student will never give up to reach the great achievement for their self.

From explanation above that there are some factors which have the big role to achievement. Achievement is determined not only by the something inside of someone such as IQ and maturity but also by the environment which has the big influence in the achievement. Generally there are two major factors which influence learning achievement. According to Slameto (2010) the major factors influencing learning achievement are internal and external factors. In this below are the explanations about the internal and external factors.

Internal factors come from the student themselves such as lack of motivation, intelligence, and interest in learning situation. Slameto (2010) gives statements that internal factors consist of two general groups. The first group is the psychological whereas the second group is physiological groups. The psychological groups are the factors which have to do with five senses. Azwar (2002) divides the psychological groups become two parts, namely cognitive and non cognitive. Cognitive includes talent and intelligence from the student themselves whereas non-cognitive includes motivation, interest, and student maturity.
The physiological groups are playing important role in learning achievement. Physiological has to do with the health from the students. The health of the students influences the students’ achievement because the health can make the students enthusiastic gets the best achievement but it is different with the students who are not in good condition. They will do activity as usual and may be doing something far from perfect.

An external factor comes from the student environment such as family background and school environments. The students who are not good at learning English are caused by the economy problems and lack of parent’s interest in education. According to Slameto (2010), the external factors concern family, school, and social environment. All of the environments influence achievement because they are places where the students do on both sides with others.
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