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The Benefits of Learning Media

The role of media is very important in learning, especially for students. Interest and motivation to study can be grown by using media that interesting. Tedious process of learning in the classroom can also be removed by using the media fun for the students. Learning Media is very important for Student’s motivation. By using the attractive media, students will be easy to be understood about the lesson. Here the writer will give some information about the benefit of Learning Media.

Learning Media

The most important benefit is that the media as a channel to convey information or learning materials verbally (lectures) as well as stimulates and activates the students' attention. Delivery of the material to make students quickly verbally bored, it is because the teacher in presenting each topic monotonically. Besides making students tend to be passive, teacher and student interaction is only done in one direction. Kemp and Dayton in Arsyad, (2010) points out the positive impact of the use of instructional media, namely the delivery of lessons to be more raw, learning can be more interesting, more interactive learning, learning takes a long time can be shortened, increasing the quality of learning outcomes, learning can be given anytime and anywhere, positive student attitudes toward what they learned and the learning process can be improved, the teacher's role may change to a more positive direction. Benefit from the use of instructional media will be felt optimal if the teacher is able to select and use the media in accordance with the objectives and functions. In conclusion, the good teacher should be decided what the best way to keep the student’s interest is and How to make them not be passive again. Teacher have to make two positive direction.

Various benefits of learning media has been discussed by many experts, such as Sudjana and Rivai (2010) points out the benefits of instructional media in teaching and learning of students, namely:
  • Learning will be more interesting so that students can increase their motivation.
  • Learning materials will be more clearly and easy to understand.
  • Teaching methods will be more varied, not merely verbal communication through the narrative of the words by the teacher, so do not feel bored.
  • Students are doing and learning activities because not only listen to descriptions of teachers, but also other activities such as observing, doing, demonstrate and others.

From the theory above, It can be concluded that the benefits of learning in which the media, (1) it can help teachers in presenting the material, (2) it can be made the teaching and learning process more interesting and varied, (3) It can make the students will not be feel bored or saturated, and (4) It can foster students' motivation and improve student achievement. Those are mentioned before are the benefits of media in teaching and learning process. Teacher can improve their ability or teacher can increase the student’s achievement by using learning media. Hopefully, in every meeting teacher is always be made the difference media used in teaching learning process.
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