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Teacher's Qualification

Here, the writer will explain the advantages of teacher in teaching and learning English. Teacher is the key of learning success in the process of teaching and learning process. As normally, the first key of students’ achievement is the involvement of teacher in their study. Good teacher gives good character to the students live. Decided the good teacher is the thing that has to solve by the headmaster. In the last, one of the good teacher’s indicator is teacher has good qualification.

Teacher Qualification

Finocchiaro (1964) in Riyan (2012) states that to accustom to hearing that standard for foreign language teacher should be raised and that the teacher must have a thorough knowledge of foreign language. It may come as a shock to hear us advocate that until this area feasible. We should accept the premise that the teacher need to have a thorough knowledge of all the nuances of foreign language desirable as such a thorough knowledge would be. The teacher should be learning to pronounce these limited patterns as perfectly as possible: they should learn when to use other combination is normally used.

The teacher is the most influential person in the classroom, because they have to create a desirable classroom climate to plan a variety of learning activities, to use materials effectively. Kasbolah (1993) state that the teacher is one of important elements’ methods is only as good as their teacher. They are simply instruments in the hand of teacher.

In addition to having good comment in English, an English teacher ideally need to posses other knowledge related to their profession. Ashworth (1985) in Rian (2012) identified four characteristics of language teachers. That is can be summarized as the following: (1) Knowledge - Teacher has to have in-depth knowledge of subject field and have to keep up to date, that is teaching and continuous learning is inseparable. (2) Skill - Good teaching results from competence classroom organization and management, from clear and stimulating lesson presentation, and from the effective use of variety technique. (3) Personal qualities - Some personal qualities, which have a result in an effective teacher, are enthusiasm, intellectual curiously, and respect for other. Professionalism - Teacher can join any activities that improve the qualities on teaching and enhance the profession such as joining in service, training/workshop and taking part in the teachers qualification above, a good teacher should be know that her or his role in the classroom is as a motivator, model, facilitator, and guides, because the success of teaching learning process is influenced mostly by teacher qualification.

Furthermore, Kasbolah (1993) states that English teacher should be able to motivate the students to study/workshop and taking part in the teacher organization. English teacher should be able to motivate the students to study English. Teachers should explain the advantages and the purpose of studying English. Another idea is that flexibility is an essential characteristic of the classroom teacher. Teacher should be open to whether change is needed for the success of their teaching. They need to be in their attitude toward the students, in methodology and in approach to student’s achievement.
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