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Teacher Role

 Teacher's Role

Teacher is the most influential person in the classroom, because the teacher has to create a desirable classroom climate to plan a variety of learning activities and to use material effectively. Richard (1990) in Riyan (2012) identifies the role that can be carried out by the teacher area as follow.

Motivator: The learners with high motivation and self-confident and with low anxiety have low fitters and let in plenty of input. Therefore, motivation is needed by the student in order to achieve high ability in English. In this case, the teacher has great chances to arise the student’s motivation when the students make mistake, the teacher can correct them without insulting the student. On other hand, when a student can answer a question, the teacher should praise him/her even though it is only a smile as reinforcement.

Model: A poor English teacher is model of her/his student so that the students can get precise English knowledge and skill when the teacher asks the student to jump. For Example: she/he should give a model how to jump. The something, if the teacher asks the students to read, she/he should read first and tries to use native like accent at much as possible.

Facilitator: The students learn and acquires language though such practice. The teacher should give opportunities for the student to do much practice and create the situation to enable the students to do self-expression.

Guide: The teacher as a guide should know the students characters individuals, so that they can lead the student apparel with their condition. The studet whose developmental phase is fast should be giving enrichment and those are slow should be guided, so they will hit left behind.

According to Harmer (1991), the teacher’s role consists of controller, an assessor, an organizer, a prompter, a participant, a resource, a tutor, and an investigator.

The function of teacher as a controller, the teacher control not only what the students do, but also when they speak and what language they use. The function of the teacher as an assessor, clearly a major part of the teacher’s job is to ensure the work of students, to see how well they are performing or how well the work performed.

The teacher as an organizer, his/her function is main aim of a teacher when organizing an activity is to tell the students what they are going to talk about (or write or read  about), give clear instruction about what exactly their task is, get the activity going, and then organize feedback when it is over.

The teacher as a prompter, his/her function is encourage students to participle or make suggestions about how students may proceed in an activity when there is a silence or when they are confused about what to do next.

The teacher as participant, it means that the function is might join in teaching-learning actives as participants, it will probably improve the atmospheres in the class; the teacher as a resource means that the teacher should always be ready to offer help if it is needed.

The function of the teacher as a tutor, the teacher should be able to help students clarify ideas and limit the task; the function of the teacher as an investigator. The teacher should constantly seek to enrich the teacher understanding what they have learnt and they have done.

The behavior and the attitude of a teacher are perhaps the single most important factor in a classroom, and thus can have a major effect on discipline. We can make list of things that the teacher should probably not do if they want to avoid problem, such as; do not go to class unprepared, do not be inconsistent, do not raise your voice, do not be unfair, and do not break the code.
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