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Learning Guidelines

Learning Guidelines 
Djamarah (2008) states there are some important things that cannot be neglected in learning, they are:

Learning Guideline

1. Learning Continuously 
Learning continuously is absolute guidelines that cannot be ignored by the learners. The mastery of the material recovered from early, no need to wait nearly the exam. Delaying time is not good in learning, because learning in short time prevents the learner to master all the material that are needed.

2. Discipline and Spirit 
Discipline arising from oneself because of the encouragement to obey the rules. Thus, discipline is obedience to the rule. Discipline is not only because of someone’s awareness, but also because of being forced. Discipline that come from awareness exists because he/ she realize that discipline can make success his/ her life. While, discipline that because of compulsion exists because someone are fear of the punishment if he/ she makes the violation. Then, spirit is also important in learning. When the learners have high spirit to learn, they will neglect all bad things that disturb their learning. Where there is a will there is a way. It means the learners will digest the material they have learned easily.

3. Concentration 
Concentration is defined as close mental attention to something. Absolutely, learning needs concentration, concentration to the specific object by ignoring other matter that is not necessary. For instance, reading a topic by disregarding other topics for upgrading concentration when reading. More detail click here. Ahmadi (1991) states that there are some reasons why someone cannot concentrate in learning, they are:

  • Lack of interest to the subject. When the learners do not interest to he subject, it will be hard to digest the contents of the subject.
  • There are many concerns which disturb the concentration.
  • There is disturbance from noise, high temperature, or messy room.
  • There is physical damage or exhaustion.

While, Thabrany (1994) states that concentration will be lost, because of internal disturbance and external disturbance. Internal disturbance comes from oneself, for example, emotion, irritability, sickness, and personal problems. Whilst, external disturbance can come from noise, room condition, room temperature, and learning schedule arrangement. There are seven ways to solve the disturbance in learning (Ahmadi, 1991). They are:

  1. The learners must interest to the subject that will be learned. Do not hate certain subject, because like or not, the learners must follow the examination, so there is no benefit when the learners hate a certain subject.
  2. The learners must have particular room to study.
  3. There is no stuffs that are not related to the subject learned. For instance, when the learners want to study English, the other book or something that are not related to English should not be at the table.
  4. Ignore unimportant things. Concentration needs serious attention.
  5. Stationery and paper are needed to make good concentration.
  6. Take a rest for a moment if feeling tired.
  7. Keep healthy. The slightest physical damage must be treated promptly
4. Managing Time 
Each activity of human must be begun and terminated by the time, because human is in time cycle. Likewise the learners, they are in time cycle as a human. So they must be able to manage the time as well as possible. Someone who can manage his/ her time well will reach success.

5. Rest 
Sleeping is the best rest. When someone sleeps, organ-driven central consciousness begin to diminish. Sleeping is very necessary to loose someone’s tiredness.

Those are about the explanation of Learning guidelines. Thanks
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