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The Summary of "Best Day Ever"

Best day ever

In the weekend to enjoy her holidays and complete her tasks, Sicilia wanted to invite the three of her friends, Riri, Joni, and Susi went to the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. They had a planning to stay in the house of Sicilia’s Uncle, Mr. Benny, who worked as Mountain Climbing Keeper in the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. Sicilia and her friends have a task to make report in there from their university.
In the Thursday morning, two days before they did mountain climbing, Sicilia and her friends went to the supermarket. They wanted to prepare many things. Sicilia was very enthusiastic to make a tour on the mountain because it was the first time for her. It was one of her dreaming when she still young. In addition, Sicilia still has one of good her dreaming. She wanted become journalist. She wanted apply her capability in there.
In the supermarket, Sicilia looked for a backpack because she has not it since she was young but it was very different with two of her friends. They had several times gone to the mountain so at the time, one of her friends followed Sicilia in the supermarket to help her, her name Susi. She was also never gone to there so both of them very compact when bought many things to make their camping enjoy.
On the Friday afternoon at the Joni’s house, Joni, Riri, and Susi made a final meeting before went to Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. But although they have met for a long time Sicilia did not come. Sicilia did in trouble in her home. She was prohibited her parents. She explained to her parents in order to do not worry about her condition. She had felt that she was mature to face the reality. But it was very different with her parents’ opinion; they knew that Sicilia was the spoiled child. They were worrying if something happens to her daughter because all was not know what would happen in the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. Sicilia was very effort to make her parents understand. Her parents permitted her with sad of heart.
At the 09.00 am in the Saturday morning at the Indonesian University, Sicilia and her friends have already to go to the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. Joni, Riri, and Susi have already to go to there but almost 09.00 o’clock Sicilia did not come. All of them were worry to her. In fact Sicilia has not got the bus to go to campus, it was the explanation from Sicilia when she came and met her friends. Not for a long time, all of them went to Tangkuban Perahu Mountain by Bus.
Around 12.00 o’clock, all of them arrived in the Sicilia’s uncle, Mr. Benny. Mr. Benny spared his time in the office. He was managing whole of the climber data. He was also already to help the climber if the climber in accident. Joni, Riri, and Susi thought that they came to the right person. All of them felt more spirit did this work.
When Sicilia and Joni have climbed the mountain with Mr. Benny to enjoy this situation, they found the accident. They saw a case about the death of falling climber. The victim was Roni Damara, 22 years old. He was falling in down from mountain side with height 15 meters. Mr. Benny was very panics. He called the police office to help him. He expected that the police could investigate what made him killed. Sicilia and Joni were very happy and confuse saw this accident. They were happy because it could become the good report for their task. In the other hand, they were confused because they thought the killer may be still in this area.
The victim was lifted by the three of Roni’s friend, Ramon, Ben, and Rudi. All of their clothes in red because there was bleed in their clothes. After the police teams did investigation, they concluded that may be this was not falling but he killed by someone. The police said that after we did investigation there was several awkwardness, there was nothing footprint in the mountain side whereas the victim bent in this area. The footprint was not in this area indicated that the victim was facing the mountain side and falling down because of a push by something. The police argued that may be jumped by himself or may be was pushed by something. Beside that, in the victim’s hand, there was a small round in his hand that was not in bleed. The team investigation argued that when the victim dead he hold things round before he felled down. After the victim felled down, he always hold the things while his blood drew out. The round things in the victim’s hands were guessed like the button which same the button of the three his friends. But, when the police investigated around this area, they were not finding anything like the button. According the information from his friends beside Ramon, Ben, and Rudi, the victim consumed drugs high doses. The victim’s awareness was not good when he was in accident.
Sicilia and Joni knew this case as soon as they called their friends, Riri and Susi. All of them were very happy because it could be the good report to complete the final task before they graduated from their university. Joni as the smartest student among the others enthusiastic because he wanted as likes the detective. He wanted help the police to reveal this case. He wanted as soon as made investigation. He wanted invite Sicilia because he was admire her but Sicilia did not know about it. In the other hand, in Sicilia’s feeling, she was not brave because she was not involved with this case but Joni pleaded her finally she followed his invitation. Susi knew that Joni just invited Sicilia. She was hate with this decision. Susi loved him. She was ever said it to Joni but Joni refused her. And Joni received and considered her as his sister. Finally Joni and Sicilia started the investigation while Susi followed them by hidden. Riri knew it and she explained to Susi that Susi did not like that. She was hope that this friendship would be life forever without love that would be breaking it.
Joni, Sicilia, and the police tried to investigate the three of Roni’s friends. They expected that could get the chronological information this accident.  According Ramon, he argued that when he climbed this mountain, Roni said that his knee was sick. And at that time, the rain was running down. I suggested walking down this climbing. But, Rudi kept moving and suggested to make camp and continue this climbing. The heavy rain made Roni rest in the other camp by himself. In the meantime, I, Ben, and Rudi was drinking in the other camp. At that time, we saw the dark human reflection and the loud voice, Bruk! We moved to see the voice. It different with the Ben’s explanation: at that time, we made the camp to take rest. Rudi gave us the calm drugs in order we could sleep at the night. But, I saw Roni came out the camp with the little awareness. He was very improper. After that, I heard a loud voice. I guessed that was Roni’s voice. When most of us ran to mountain side, I felled in camp so I was late followed them to look for Roni. According Rudi, at that time I heard the falling voice. Ben came out from the camp and said that, the voice from Roni because he was walking out from the camp. We walked down to look for Roni in the around mountain side. Meanwhile, Ben was still in the camp because he felled in the camp. I guessed that death of Roni caused by drugs that I gave to him. Whereas, I had to him to sleep, In fact he stayed up and walked until him dead. I was very disappointed.
After Joni and Sicilia have investigated and got this information, they started to think about it. Joni saw Sicilia with love deeply. Joni gave her the best explanation to make conclusion this case but although they spared a long time they were not finding the conclusion. Finally, Sicilia left Joni alone. And at that time, Ben saw her in her beauty face went to the lake. He was falling in love to her. He walked near to her and asked about herself. He was happy because Sicilia received him calmly. They talked many things. When the night was coming, they separated and went to the rest place each other.
The day after, in the Sunday morning, Sicilia and Riri did physical exercise. Ben saw it and invited Rudi to near them. He asked Rudi to make conversation with Riri and asked her to walk far away from Sicilia. They pretended to follow Sicilia’s action whereas Ben wanted to make conversation with her. Without shame, he started the conversation he persuaded her with nice voice. In the other hand, Joni was thinking about the awareness from the three Roni’s friends. He guessed that Ramon was the agent. He wanted to say this conclusion to Sicilia but when Joni saw Sicilia with Ben, he was angry. He went to Benny’s home. At that time, Susi was very happy. This was the time to persuaded Joni. She lied to him that both of them have become a couple. Not for a long time, Sicilia and Riri came to her uncle’s home. She did not know anything but Joni was angry to her. Finally, Riri explained what real happen to them. Riri knew that what made Joni’s fury was Susi’s explanation so she went to meet Susi. She expected that Susi wanted to explain to Joni.  With the anger, Riri asked Susi to answer her question. Finally, Riri succeed to persuade Susi. They walked together to meet Joni and Sicilia. Susi was wept and shy when gave explanation but Joni and Sicilia was not angry. They forgive her mistake because all of them were best friend forever.
Because Sicilia was near with one of the guessing as the murderer, all of them agreed that they would exploit this situation. At the night on that day, Sicilia was summoned to meet Ben. In the other hand, Joni and the others friend followed her by hidden. Sicilia met Ben. He was very happy. He was arrogant to his other friend because only him that could be near the woman. Ramon and Rudi gave Sicilia advice to be careful with him in joking. Sicilia stared them with nice smile.
In the quite place Sicilia started to persuade Ben to explain who the real murderer was. Sicilia was very careful when she said one by one her question. The first time, Ben lied to her. He said that the killer was Ramon but Sicilia was not trust it. She asked him again and again. She promised that she would not report to whomever. Finally, Ben told to Sicilia that the killer was himself. Sicilia shocked to hear that but she could not seem shock. She would not her disguise reveal. Ben told that he hate him. Although he was often climbing together with him, Roni was always felt the right one in the teams mountain climbing. He was always like the king. All of the word from him must be obeyed; he did not like him if he liked that. According him, before he killed him, he prepared something that made a loud voice in the camp. He expected that his others friend considered it as him felled on his bed. In addition, he asked Rudi to gave him a calm drugs in order to Roni was not aware. When Roni was in the front of the mountain side, he pushed him until he felled down and dead at that time.
Joni, Riri, and Susi which hidden in the behind of the trees heard it. They wanted record Ben and Sicilia conversation but they were not bringing the equipment to record it. When all of them started confuse, Susi showed her hand phone. It could be record their conversation; she hoped that it could be paid her mistake. Finally, they could record it and they would give this record to police teams. After they got the good information, Joni, Riri, and Susi walked near to them. Ben shocked to see them so he left Sicilia alone. He worried if his bad attitude reveal so he asked Ramon and Rudi went to home but all of them was too late. Joni has given the record to police. He was caught by police. He was angry to Sicilia because according him, she would not say to everyone. Sicilia explained to him that the real who told the secret of him was her friend not her so it was not her fault. After this case finished, the day after, all of them was came back to their home but before it happened, all of them made a meeting in the Sicilia’s home. In there, Joni said that he loved Sicilia. And then, Sicilia received him happily. Susi and Riri were also happy because all of the scared things have gone so they could be focus to write down the final task. Not for a long time, all of them got the best value in their university and they lived happily ever after.

The Descriptive and Analyses of the Character in “the Best Day Ever
           There are many characters in the Best Day ever that divided to two characteristics, are main and supporting characters. In this short drama the main character are Sicilia and Joni because they have a big role in this drama. And the supporting characters are Ben, Susi, and Riri because they support the main character to show their own self.
Main Character
  1. Sicilia
Sicilia is beautiful girl. She is from simple family. She is a student from Indonesian University. She is a Muslim so she wears veil. She has a dreaming become journalist but she gets prohibition from her parents. She cannot show herself to everyone. She just closes herself. She is only telling about her condition to her parents and her best friends.
Sicilia is a spoiled girl. She is always getting more attention from her parents. She is also selfish girl. She forces her opinion to her parents in order to get permission from them. Actually she is also smartest student. She can use her beauty to lay someone.  In addition, she is responsible and empathy. She is responsible and sure that she can keep her self without her parents. She starts her self to independent. She is empathy to someone that new in her life because besides she makes a final task she wants to help someone in trouble.
Sicilia is main, protagonist, and round character. There is she from the beginning until the end of this story. She helps the police to reveal their cases but when she helps them she lied to Ben. She seems very well to him but actually she has planned with her friends to frame Ben.
  1. Joni
Joni is a main character. He is also in this every fragment this story. He is from poor family. Although like that, he is very smart in his university. He gets scholarship more than one time. He is Muslim.  He is very easy to get friend because he is very good to everyone. He wants graduate from his university with the high value.
Joni is smartest student. Although he comes from poor family, he is not shame to explore his self become significant person in his university. He is tough. He helps the police to reveal their cases. He turns his mind to look for who the real killer is. He is the one person that cannot honest to his feeling. He lies with himself that actually he loves Sicilia but he cannot say it. He is also temperamental person. He does not know what happens with Sicilia and Ben. He is easy to angry. 
Joni is the main character, protagonist and round character. There is he from the beginning until the end of this story. He is very care to other people who need helping. He helps the police, Ramon, and Rudi to reveal their cases but in the other hand, he is very temperamental. He is easy belief something that he does not know before. He is belief that Sicilia loves Ben according Susi’s explanation.
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