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The Best 5 Android Application to Learn English

The important lesson since we are in the elementary school is English. This language has been used in the international world and are required to be understood apart from Indonesian. Now, it has entered into the era of globalization, so that you can easily learn English with the smartphone.There are so many application that will help you to understand English. Therefore, we will summarize some of the best android app to learn the English language that can be used free of charge and easily.

Below are 5 Android Application to learn English, read carefully the explanation.

1. LearnEnglish Audio and Video

LearnEnglish Audio and Video

The first application is LearnEnglish Audio and Video. This software was developed by the British Council. You can improve the listening ability of conversational English language daily with many kinds of topic. This application can be downloaded for free in the Play Store.

2. My Word Book 2

My Word Book Logo

The next English language learning application is My Word Book 2. This is the second edition. With this application, you can learn Vocabulary through interactive flashcard sets. This application developed by the British Council in collaboration with Cambridge University Press. As the name implies, this application can help you to learn Vocabulary in an interesting way through a set of interactive flashcards. This application is available for free for Android users. To download them go to Google Play Store.

3. Sounds Right

Sounds Right Logo

For those who want to learn the correct pronunciation with high accuracy, you should try this application. Providing interactive chart that shows vocal, consonants and diphthongs and equipped with an audio player. You just write word or saying it directly, then this app will give voice to the correct pronunciation.

4. Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge

Johnny Grammar's Word Challenge

Johnny Grammar's Word Challenge can help you to learn grammar and vocabulary with quiz method. You will be challenged to answer as many questions as possible for 60 seconds. You can download the application to learn English for free.

5. Learn English Kids: Videos

Learn English Kids: Videos Screenshot

For parents who want to teach their children to learn English, you can use this application. Learn English Kids: Videos is an application that helps your child learn English through popular tales such as Snow White and others. This app helps you to learn English in a fun way through stories popular as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and many more. The application comes with audio and text narration which is the best guidelines to make children learn English.

Well, those are the best 5 android application to learn English. Giving a fun way and attractive media in teaching and learning supported by the patient of parents it will help the student to explore their self and make them get the best achievement in their life. Thanks
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