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Aniworld Android Applications to Enhance Children Intelligence

AniWorld is game based android application which is designed to help your child learn know more about the animals. This application show the picture is in interactive and fun way. This application should be available on your smartphone. Your child will love this game. During your children play this game, they will fun enjoy this game and the child will learn more about animals and their world. AniWorld provide 36 animals and 250 different images to be played by your child. Not only introduces a wide variety of animals, android application is also to train the intelligence of the child, the Android application device also has attractive features such as how to feed livestock and witnessed the growth of the animals from birth to large. On major monitor of your smartphone will display a wide variety of animals, when your baby choose one of these animals for example cows, it will sound a cow. So it will voice when the animals is chosen. The animals will voice their each unique voice. This feature is intended for children to identify the animal sounds. There are several categories of options regarding the animal that you can introduce to your baby in this android app, including:


1. Animal House
This categories of android application is for children. It is intended for your child to know about the environment of animals. Here, we can show the animal shelter and indicate where the animal is located. To make it more fun, android application is also equipped with a sound background in accordance with the chosen animal environment.

2. Feeding Animals
In this section, the user can choose one of three different food types. This kinds of food are for the baby animals. When the right food is selected, the picture switches to other animals' food. This features is intended to make  your child can be carefully feed the animals.

3. The Level of Success on Your Farm Animals
In the smartphone display, your child can see the animal heart on the left side of the screen. When a baby's heart pet was filled with joy. Another effect is that baby pet will voice fun and making fun animal sounds when the baby pet was happy. When the heart of baby pet is filled with joy (full red) the animal is rewarding by playing music and wearing effects for the joy of the child.

Well. I think enough the review of AniWorld games for Children. This application is not only for fun but also it can be used for increase the children's IQ. Thanks
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