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How to Record the Screen on Android Phone using Mobizen

What can record screen of android phone like a computer screen recording / PC then make a video? Of course, it can do because Android is open source, which means developers can create applications that can do it with ease.

Record screen activity in android is often done for the purposes of making a tutorial on android phone, android games and tutorials on the otherFor android screen recording, you need an additional application called Mobizen.

Mobizen application can help you to record video screen on android phone for tutorial purposes such as recording the game Clash of Clans with very easy then to be uploaded to the Youtube site. For the installation process is a little bit complicated because it requires a connected PC Wifi like TeamViewer.

Screen Recording Application For Android Using Mobizen

Here is a tutorial screen recording on android then you can make a video using the application, Mobizen:

Mobizen for Android
  1. First, download and install the application of Mobizen via Play Store.
  2. After that, you will be faced with the "Terms and Conditions" and check the "Accept the terms" then "Next"
  3. Next, you will be asked for your email and password to create an account, and then install the application.
  4. The next step is to synchronize the Android with a PC using a data cable
  5. After the sync process had ended, the application is ready to use and click / tap "Start Mobizen"

    How to Record Screen on Android and Making Video
      If you've been following the tutorial how to enable Mobizen for the first time now time for using the following method:

      Recording using Mobizen
      • After Mobizen application is open, select the camera icon / record screen
      • Then, Mobizen icon will appear beside the phone screen, move the icon if deemed disruptive
      • To start the video recording select the camera icon, if the recording is in progress it will display a notification recording.
      • If you want to stop the recording process can by pressing back the video camera icon and a red box (stop)
      • Finished
      That is the description of the tutorial of Recording the Screen on Android Phone. It is very simple, isn't it? Try it now. Thanks
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