How to Combine Photos and Mp3 into a Video on Android

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Make some photo albums as a video is a thing that is not so difficult in the present. There are so many applications in the play store that can help you in your job easier everyday. Perhaps for those of you who want to keep a sweet memory in a photograph and make video and there are songs on it will require the application of this one.

VideoShow: Video Editor & Maker is an application for free video editor where you can edit the video, or turn your photos into video and insert mp3 song video that you create. This application is one of the best and free without any watermark.


Here is a tutorial and how to combine photos and mp3 into a cool video on android:

  1. Download VideoShow Application in Google Play Store.
  2. Open VideoShow application and then select "Photo Video"
  3. Select the photo by tapping on one of the albums that you want to make video
  4. Tap the tone-icon at the top if you want to include mp3 songs as background music video
  5. If all the photos and songs you have entered into the editor, the last step select / tap the save icon on the upper left corner and select the video quality you want to create
  6. Wait for the process of exporting some time to complete, if it had finished simply played a video of your work.
  7. If not satisfied with the result, can repeat the above steps.

This is an easy way to combine pictures into a video on android, hopefully this tutorial useful for all, Thank you.

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