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Tips for Increasing Traffic Blog / Website by Using Paid Ways

In the article before, I have shared about Tips for Increasing Traffic Blog / Website by Using freeways. This is the simple ways to make our blog popular with cheap way. We know, no one does not want to wait for the process of optimization by means of free. I think that all of the bloggers want to use that way. But, it still other way to make our blog full of traffic. The way is paid way. Then, this way can be used to get traffic to the blog / website for business. Advertise on some media can provide an excellent effect in improving the traffic, but that is not too extravagant, we should choose the media that was really effective and in accordance with the target business sites. Here are some ways to increase visitor traffic blog / website by paid way.

Free and Paid Traffic

1. Posting Ads On Social Media Sites
Facebook is a social media that the most effective way to advertise. Facebook’s conversion of social media is very good for advertising. Sign up to Ads on Facebook, we can choose the most appropriate target audience with categories that we need, this is what will affect the effectiveness of the ads that we post. Based on my experience, advertising on Facebook Ads is very easy to do. We can adjust how much budget we want to spend on a click on an ad, and we can also set the target audience in accordance with our business.

2. Sign up on PPC Advertising
Google Adwords is a PPC advertising media company organizing the most popular today. The Google-owned company already has a network of advertisers and publisher with many members around the world, including Indonesia. The advantage of Google Adwords are the ads that appear on publisher websites they are related to the article. I personally have never put an ad on Google Adwords, but there are many testimonials from advertisers say that they are satisfied with the service of Google Adwords and provide positive impact to their business. Well, if you want to get the potential traffic towards your business site, there is no harm in trying Google Adwords.

3. Sign up on Online Classified Ad Sites
Another way to get traffic to your blog / business website is to utilize classifieds site. Actually there are many classified ad sites that provide space for free classified ads, but I'd recommend a paid because usually the results are far better than the free ones.

We do not need to do all the marketing strategies to get traffic to the site. We must understand our site first, so we can know the strategy which is more effective to increase visitor blog / website. Sometimes freeway is more effective, but in many cases, paid way is more quickly and effectively in providing a potential traffic to your blog / website of our business. In addition, we must also consider some matters which related to the quality of our website, such as the quality of content, navigation system, speed of loading, and etc. Hopefully this article is useful.
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