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How to Research Keywords for the Best SEO (Google Page One)

Seacrh Engine Optimization

"What is SEO?"
For the first time you hear about the word SEO may be somewhat familiar with these words. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique or way of to optimize your site in order to occupy the position or the first page of search engines.

"What is our purpose studying SEO?"
As I said, SEO intend to make our site occupies first page of search engines minimally. The objective is to get a lot of site traffic / visitors generated by search engines such into our site. So here, it is clear that the main purpose of studying SEO is not just making our site occupies the first page of search engines but also it is getting a lot of traffic from search engines.

"When Our blog occupies the first page already past! A lot of traffic?"
It is true with SEO can make a site we get the first view the first search engine, but you need to underline here that is not all sites that occupy of the first position on google will get a lot of traffic. So obviously, occupies the first page of search engines will not guarantee our website visitors generated by search engines.

"Why be like that, can you explain?"
In simple, to get a lot of visitors from the search engines then we must know what the most frequently searched by the users using search engines, with the number of searches for the word and sites that appear at first site, the search engine will bring many visitors into our site. Conversely, if the number of searches for these words a little, even if your site occupies first position on google, the visitors which generated by search engines will not be maximized.
As I said above, the most important is for bringing a lot of traffic is that we must know what words are many search through search engines and this is our first step as a base for doing SEO techniques. A technique known as "Keyword Research",
This is the first step once the most important step in starting or building your site. In this way the aim is to find or to research a keyword that has the potential to bring a lot of traffic into our site with the little competition, so SEO techniques is not too difficult. For me, I research a keyword using the Google external keyword tools.

Here the steps.

1. First, I will go to the Google keyword Tools External
2. If you possessed google account, please sign-in first. Then, I will decide who will be my niche targeting. To determine the niche, you can start from something that you know or that becomes your hobby first. Here, I would choose niche "Creating Blog SEO Friendly". Because in my opinion "blog" itself is something that is online, it means that every person who will be looking for something about "a blog or create a blog SEO Friendly" is likely they will look for it in the search engines. They will use the word Blog SEO Friendly because the phrase “SEO Friendly” means that the blog is very responsive by search engines.
3. Then, I click on the "advanced options Filter". Then, I choose Locations > Indonesia and Language> Indonesia
4. In the "filter" I am setting Global Monthly Searches> 500 (because I want quite a lot of traffic from search engines). Then, I click on "search"
5. Furthermore, Google will give me ideas (Keyword Ideas) I chose as a keyword for my blog later.
6. The next step, I will select 10-15 a given keyword by google, the way is I will check for keywords that I would choose.
7. After I chose 10 pieces given keyword google, I first downloaded my chosen keywords earlier. Then I save the CSV file.
Once the file is downloaded. The file will be open and will be copied. Keywords will download earlier.
8. Furthermore, after I copy then paste those keywords. I go back into the box "word or phrase" for my further research of keywords.
9. Match Types, select the search to be of type [Exact].
10. Then, there will be a change in the "search terms".
In this section, I will filter again those keywords so that I get the keywords that have high traffic potential and competition are still able to compete with the fast using SEO techniques.
11. Here, I have limitations in determining or selecting a keyword, you can also use this method.
12. So, I choose keywords that will last me longer filter based on keywords using rules above. Then I open the first google.co.id (because I viewfinder local market). Then I paste keywords that will be my analysis. Here I select the "guide to create a blog SEO Friendly"
13. From the results of the search for the type of "broad" shows the value of 3,350,000. This value is entered for the first regulation with the phrase around <5,000,000.
14. I further to second rule that is Exact Keyphrase <1,000,000, and the Exact search for the keywords "Tips to create a blog" show the value of 220,000, and also meets the requirements of the regulation.
15. Furthermore, I do filter again to keyword index, because I want to know how many were using these keywords in the page title or title of his blog. By rule over my index keyword limit must be <50,000. and the results show the value of 11,700, so this requirement also meet (<50,000).
16. I also want to know how many users are using the keyword on its domain or url. And my search results show the value of 7.630 for the keyword inurl, these results also qualify around
17. And the last I will also seek to know how many are using the keyword "guide to create a blog" in its title and url, and the results show the value of 5,980, the result meets my requirements above is <10,000.
18. After making some filtering described above, for the keyword "tips to create a blog" in accordance with the criteria of keywords that I want, that have high traffic potential and competition that could be for me to compete there.
"Then, if you use these keywords directly as the default keyword of your blog site?" Of course not, I will do some analysis of competitors to make absolutely sure that my SEO job will be easy, and quickly dominated the first page for the keywords that I target. "Filter as what else would you do?"
19. Once I get keywords that match my criteria above, then I would do a competitor analysis of the first page and the second page of google. Here I would like to see anyone of my competitors. From these results can be seen that the first page of the dominating most of a "blog" and this is good news for me, because if too much "authority site" first page, then I will find it hard to shift their position especially my blog is still very new ,
20. To be more specific again, then I will analyze the "Backlink" and "PageRank" to 10 sites that contained the first page. I use the free tools from serpattacks.com, you can also download for free there and then install your desktop.
21. In the top box, I input my keyword "Tips to create a blog SEO Friendly" on the search engine I select "google" to Result I select "10" and the Country I choose "Indonesia". Then I click search.
22. These tools will show the number of backlinks and PageRank for 10 sites that occupy the first page of google. here I did filters to try PageRank average <2 and for backlink try there are 3 blogs that have a backlink <from 50 to backlink oN-url (not domain).
23. Seen in the data above that, on average pagerank 10 sites that occupy the first page of google is 1.6. And there are 6 websites that have backlinks <50 for backlink OnURL's {not OnDomain) because I have noticed is the value of a backlink OnURL's not OnDomain so to sites that have high backlinks but is Ondomain I will not notice.
Why did not that I noticed, because most of his homepage blog is dynamic, so for its SEO Onpage not optimal.
'' I have one more question, of funneling keyword above is not too high for the Broad key phrase <5,000,000? "

I explain in advance, for "keyword research" is not an exact science. Keyword research is more flexible, meaning that everyone has its own way to find a keyword that is profitable and proven to them, so if you feel the value is too high, then you can reduce these restrictions, until you find a regulation which is proven (work) for you. So that if you want a lower competition again and it can also mean to be a bit of traffic you will get you must doing a research more

Logically, high traffic (Huge Traffic) is always proportional to the Competition. Blogger or webmaster will always use the "keyword" that they think have potential high traffic, so if you want high traffic anyway then ABSOLUTE you have to compete there, stay here how we minimize competition, and I used the way above to filter the competitors that I consider it would be difficult to compete.

From the above results show the value of 3.35 million also includes the words "how to create a blog" or "create a blog" to the search results with keywords "guide to create a blog". These results are reasonable for me, because we are Broad search type, which means keywords with different phrases or other variations of the phrase will also be entered in the search results for those keywords. As "guide to create a blog" is a long tail keyword of "create a blog", the difference only adds prefix for those keywords, then Google still reading the same which "create a blog". For that Google is also showing other variations of the keyword "create a blog" (how to create a blog, tips blog, etc.). Once again, this happens because the search system we use is air-type "Broad".

Here we have to understand more about how Google reads a keyword .." So I assume the value if 3,350,000 it is a competitor, means for keywords "how to create a blog" and "create a blog" and other phrases of the form "create a blog" also added to the list of your competitors for the keyword "Guide to create a blog" so for me the value of 3,350,000 is no longer valid, for it I do the filtering as the above to find out who the "Real Competitor" I am actually.
Trust me if from the search results for the keywords you are targeting there are many sites with other forms of keyword phrases you are targeting, then usually it will not take much time to take over the position 1. : D It has ever been proven to "niche" make money with over 40,000,000 search results. And my blog can directly take the first position in just 3 days.
"Why be like that, how do you do it?"
I just understand the shape of the Match Type Broad search because most people would use this type of search. You need to know is for broad types will show other words or phrases of others and variations of other phrases that are relevant to keywords typed in the search engine.
For example: for keyword "guide to create a blog" then Google will display the search results according phrase or variations of keyword phrases (guide + make + blog) For the search "guide to create a blog" Google may display words such as:
- Create a blog
- How to create a blog
- Guide a blog
- And what kind of other phrases. (but it will not show results for "guide made" only. such as home-made guide, cakes, etc. because the words are not relevant to "create a blog")
Due to niche "make money" is his niche internet marketers so has formed a lot of phrases and variations of 1 piece keywords, even for the Long Tail Keyword though so the value of the search results will remain high. That is why if you are targeting niche "make money" by any keyword, the search results will still be high.
However, the value is "broad" which means that if we could find a keyword (Long Tail Keyword) in [Exact] with low competition, then we can easily google the first position although with a very large search results ,

That's the explanation about how to research keywords for the best SEO. Thanks
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