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The Best 4 Android Application for Music and Camera

Latest Android application - Smartphone Android is the most perfect in our opinion as it has a broad application ecosystem, and ease of operation that makes it able to surpass iOS or Windows Phone smartphone. Also features embedded in it is also very complete, and more complete after the addition of a wide variety of Android applications that have a stunning look and sophisticated features in it.

There are many types of applications available on the Google Play Store, everything is ready you choose to optimize performance Android smartphone you have. Every day there is also a lot of new Android applications by offering different features according to the application category. According to our observations, selfie photo applications such as Retrica and B612, became one of the most applications with the current interest in accordance with the trend selfie photograph that swept across the world.

Not only that, Google Play Store also save a lot of advanced Android applications that simplify communication, productivity, and multimedia or entertainment users. One application of multimedia entertainment and the best Android smartphone today is Musixmatch which provided the ability to play music at the same time equipped with the largest song lyrics database in the world. Also of course there are many other entertainment applications, which you can get for free or paid.

For visitors to the web-based learning loss for the latest Android applications with advanced features in it, to enhance the functionality of smartphone you have, please refer to 4 on the latest Android smartphone apps that you can get for free via Google Play Store or other application stores. Immediately, please refer to the information below.

1. Musixmatch music & lyrics

Musixmatch music & lyrics

Musixmatch is the best music player application at this time, because it has the world's largest catalog of lyrics. The new Android app is able to identify the all types of music that will automatically synchronize with databases of Musixmatch lyrics. In this application is also available FloatingLyrics feature that will automatically come out on the home screen, and can be combined with any other music player application that will best music listening experience you get when installing this application.

Not only  this ability from Musixmatch music and lyrics, this application also displays the lyrics on a device capable of smartwatch Android Wear, and will automatically be able to display song info and cover songs played. In addition, the new Android app is also equipped with the ability Equalizer to optimize sound quality by genre songs, or according to your taste. Equipped with advanced features, it is not wrong if Musixmatch music and lyrics is the best music apps in the Google Play Store.

2. AlarmMon


AlarmMon is becoming the latest Android applications most in demand today. This application has been used for more than 21 users throughout the world because it carries a unique alarm feature. In contrast to other Android applications Alarm, AlarmMon offers a unique look like a cartoon and game elements so that it can be a solution of the default Alarms application Android smartphone that sometimes tedious, and has a normal appearance.

Latest Android application developed by Malang Studio Co. Ltd., could be the first step to begin the daily activity. In addition, the advanced Android app also offers features weather forecasts and news content according its location. So wait no more, immediately install AlarmMon to Android smartphone you have, and find the most advanced alarm feature that does not possess other alarm applications.

3. Retrica


For selfie enthusiast should try artificial latest android app Venticake Inc. is Retrica. The application offers many features that enhance and embellish the photos taken with your selfie Retrica application. The best feature is a feature of Real-Time Filters with more than 100 photos for the filter to generate a unique selfie photos, and mix of colors is amazing

Also in the application is also available Collage feature that is capable of shooting several images automatically and put into the frame as you choose. Not to forget in this application there is a timer feature that will facilitate you to take pictures selfie to count up to 10 seconds and. And still there is a feature called Blur to set the level of blur on the object or photo of your face when photographed selfie. After producing images according to your wishes, Retrica also offer photo-sharing to social networks instantly.

4. B612 – Selfie from the heart

B612 Camera

Just like Retrica, application B612 is the best selfie photo applications at this time. Latest Android application developed by Line specifically designed to suit to obtain best selfie photos whenever, and wherever you are. The advantages of the application B612 is equipped with features Video selfie that combine multiple videos into one simply by pressing or holding the screen. Also in this application is also available unique filter to enhance your photos and videos were targeted using this application.

The latest and most advanced android applications for the photography category also brings the timer feature, Vignetee and colllage as Retrica. However Collage on B612 features more attractive, because it can take a lot of pictures at once sequentially-sequence and combine them in one frame. In addition, this application can also be connected to a stick with a narcissistic blueooth settings, making it easier for you to take pictures selfie and produce the best selfie photos to social networking accounts you have.
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