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How to find Missing Android Gadget Using Android Device Manager

It is not uncommon to find cases of lost cell phone news around us. Whether it's because stolen or may be a factor "L" (forget). Yes, the sale value is high enough and easy to resell device - a kind of mobile devices make irresponsible people interested to be able to seize it from the owner for his own benefit. But times have become more sophisticated, and some smartphones already have a security system that allows us to know where our current position of the device if any - time occurs unwanted things (missing).

Google is the company in charge of Android (the most popular mobile operating system in the world today) also supports the security system with the release of Android Device Manager in the past. By using the "tool" of this, we can trace, sound an alarm or delete existing data on the device we were missing from a distance. Well in this post, I'll discuss a bit about how to track the missing Android using the Android Device Manager.

This method can be used without having to install any application on Android devices that we have, so for those of you who have not had time to install the application "Anti-Theft" or something, you no longer need to worry. But keep in mind, this tool only supports Android devices version 2.2 and above, so for those of you who use the device with the version below will not be able to use or enjoy this one tool.

How to use Android Device Manager as very simple and easy, just need a few things to be able to ensure that this tool will work well. And as I mentioned above, you do not need to install any application, all you need is an internet connection and GPS (on Android devices) as well as the tracking device (you can use a laptop, tablet PC or other smartphone) only requires an internet connection and a browser (web browser internet such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Well following easy steps are:

Steps should be taken When an Android Device is Missing

1. Make sure you've signed in a Google account (Gmail) on your Android smartphone. If you have not signed in or not have a Google account that is stored on the device, then you will not be able to use this service.

Note 1: Gmail account is very important for users of Android devices not only to be able to track it down in case of loss, but also to be able to enjoy all the services of Google on your Android device. You can sign up for a Gmail account directly through your Android device. Please jump to the page I create a new Gmail account using Android.

Note 2: Google has updated the provisions for this service. You need to do some activation of the device if you want to use these services to the maximum.
2. On the device that will be used to track your Android (in the example, I use a PC or laptop) please open the browser and open this page.

3. See the figure below. If it is open, make sure you are logged into a Google account (Gmail) the same Google account that you use on your Android device is lost (note the red arrow, it is a Google account that you use). Then, Android Device Manager will ask your permission to be able to track your Android device. Select Accept.

Track Missing Android Device

4. When finished, note the box under the heading "Android Device Manager". If you enter the same Google account (true) then it will be detected what device you use. If you have more than one device, please click on the part shown by the red arrows in the figure below, then select which devices you wish to track.

Android Device Manager

5. When finished, the fastest step you should do when you lose your device is doing the locking device, note the sequence of numbers in the image below. Option lock (locking device) my priority so that the "inventor" or a thief can not tamper tamper with your device.

Track Location

Please click the lock, then the command will appear as shown below. Enter the password you want to lock your device. The device can only be opened by using a password that you use it.

lock device manager

6. After locking device, begin to track and find the whereabouts of your device by clicking the refresh icon (button number 2 in the figure in step 5) and see the image below. It was the last location where your device can be tracked by Google. Please double-click on the map to enlarge. You can also update the latest information about the location of your device by clicking the "refresh" as shown by the red box.

Track your android

7. See the picture below. The red arrow indicates the location where the device I try to track, and it's true - absolutely accurate.

NOTE: If you activate the GPS feature has not been previously, then you can not keep track as in the example. Better you do the deletion of data by clicking the "Erase" button (number 4 in step 5 above).
Location of Android

8. If you are approaching the location where the device you expected, then you can turn on the siren to attract people's attention or to confirm the exact location of your device by pressing the "ring" (note the red box in the figure below). The device will sound at the highest volume even though you previously set it to silent mode.

Ring your Android Device

NOTE: The device will ring after a delay for 5-10 seconds (depending on internet connection speed)

But if you can not find your device, it helps you delete all existing data on your device from being misused in the future. To do this, you can choose Device Erase button located next to the Ring button.

Well, I think enough the explanation about Android Device Manager to track the missing Android. Please... always be careful in carrying your luggage, because even though it is a the advanced features of this kind, it would be better if the device remains safe in your hands, isn't it? So you do not worry. Hopefully useful for us.
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