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The Analysis of Short Drama on Script Based on the Philosophical Values Entitled "The Sun"

Summary of drama script “The Sun”

DramaThe sun tells about three characters the girl (Daisy), The man (Jim) and the soldier (Jack). The scene start with Daisy and Jim whom are waiting for Jack’s coming. Daisy feel fidgety because Jack will soon know that she has betrayed him. They have a complex love story, Jack and Daisy are a couple of lover but when jack go fighting in war for several years, Daisy loves another man, He is Jim. When Jack go home after war, he surprises find his girlfriend betrays him. Even Jim wants to fight to take Daisy from Him, Jack doesn’t want because jack has promised to himself that he will continue his life happily after fighting. Jack laughs his destiny but at the end he just lets Daisy to choose Jim to be her love. Receiving the fact that he is betrayed by someone he loved is not easy, but Jack can pass it sincerely.

Analysis of philosophy value “The Sun”
Data 1
THE GIRL: Not like you, Jim--not like you.
THE MAN: Have a spirit, then.
The data said that the philosophical value from that word is philosophy of life. That life must be spirit. Having spirit to work, to reach our dream. And as a soldier, Jack has to be spirit in fighting to get the winner.

Data 2
THE GIRL: Jack, don't think too 'ard of me!
SOLDIER: [Looking back] No fear, my dear! Enjoy your fancy! So long! Gawd bless you both!
The data shows that man gives advice to daisy not to be fear to do her life. That life must be brave. That we may not be afraid of facing our life, we may not be afraid to do our choice even sometimes our choice is different from other people.

Data 3
THE GIRL: I ought to 'a waited. I never thought he'd come back from the fightin'.
THE MAN: [Grimly] Maybe 'e'd better not 'ave.
The data said that the philosophical value is about life, that life must be fighting. Fight to do our life better, fight to make our dream comes true. Fight to have good future.

Data 4
THE MAN: [Dully] What's the good o' stayin'? The world's wide.
THE GIRL: I'd rather have it off me mind, with him home.
The data said that is philosophical of life. There are many things to do in this world. And there are many places that we can go. For looking more sciences or experiences .

Data 5
THE GIRL: 'Bout your size. Oh! Jim, go along!
THE MAN: No fear! What's a blighter like that to old Fritz's shells? We didn't shift when they was comin'. If you'll go, I'll go not else.
The data said that is philosophical value of love. That love must be tolerance to each other. Jim makes sure daisy that they will face the problem together.

Data 6
SOLDER: [Offstage] Christ! It's Daisy; it's little Daisy 'erself! [THE GIRL stands rigid. The figure of a SOLDIER appears on the other side of the stile. His cap is tucked into his belt, his hair is bright in the sunshine; he is lean, wasted, brown, and laughing.]
SOLDIER: Daisy! Daisy! Hallo, old pretty girl!
The data shows the man’s love. He calls her girlfriend use special word that is not used for another people. And the repetition emphasize that she is the one that he calls by that special word.

Data 7
THE GIRL: [Softly] Jim, you won't go fightin' in the sun, with the birds all callin'?
THE MAN: That depends on 'im. I'm not lookin' for it. Daisy, I love you. I love your hair. I love your eyes. I love you.
The data said that is philosophical value of love, he loves the girls. He loves everything she has. It describes how the man loves the girl. By repeating the same word, it emphasizes that he loves and her receive whatever she is.

Data 8
THE GIRL: I love you, Jim. I don't want nothin' more than you in all the world.
THE MAN: Amen to that, my dear. Kiss me!
The data said that it is philosophical value of love. It describes how important love is. Love is everything. Loves completes each other. Nothing is more important than someone we love in the world, so she doesn’t need anything else except someone she loves.

Data 9
THE GIRL: You been so long.
SOLDIER: So I 'ave. My Gawd! It's a way they 'ave in the Army. I said when I got out of it I'd laugh. Like as the sun itself I used to think of you, Daisy, when the crumps was comin' over, and the wind was up. D'you remember that last night in the wood? "Come back and marry me quick, Jack." Well, here I am--got me pass to heaven. No more fightin' no more drillin', no more sleepin' rough. We can get married now, Daisy. We can live soft an' 'appy. Give us a kiss, my dear.
The data shows the happiness. The man is so happy because after through the war for few years he finally will marry his girlfriend. He hopes that they will live happily together.

Data 10
SOLDIER: It's no use, mate. I can't do it. I said I'd laugh to-day, and laugh I will. I've come through that, an' all the stink of it; I've come through sorrer. Never again! Cheerio, mate! The sun's a-shinin'! [He turns away.] THE GIRL: Jack, don't think too 'ard of me!

Lesson Learn
Life is a choice. We can choose to be happy or sad. Life must be happy, whatever happen in our life we bring the key of our happiness. We must forgive someone who has hurt us, forgiving makes us feel peace.

Life is valuable, we must always appreciate our life by doing the good thing that give good advantages to ourselves and other people.

Love needs sacrifice. Let someone whom we love be happy with other people is a sacrifice.

We will not always get what we want. No matter how careful we plan our life , sometimes it doesn’t run well

Written By
Eva Sulistiana Mawardi
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