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Analysis of Religious Value in Drama on Script “Siti Asiah and Siti Asyithoh” Written by: RIO MAHENDRA

religious values

This drama is acted by 29 characters. For the background of this story, there was a kingdom in Egypt land which chaired by the last king, namely Pharaoh. He was known for his ferocity and non humanism.

After the death of his wife, he was alone and lived without a wife. At the same time, there was a story about a beautiful girl who lived with her father and mother. She was very famous among young men because of her beauty and personality. Her name was Siti Asiah.

The story of Siti Asiah loveliness had reached to Pharaoh. One day he wanted Asiah became his wife. He pointed a minister named Haman for his willingness.

Directly Haman came to Asiah’s house. Over there, Haman told about the king’s offer to Asiah. Asiah’s parents gave change to their daughter to decide it. It was unpredictable, Asiah rejected that because she knew that the King was not humanity and he didn’t believe to Alloh. That decision made Haman was angry to her. He went away from that house to the palace.

At the kingdom, Pharaoh was accompanied by his advisor, namely Hazaqil was waiting for Haman. He hoped Haman would bring good news for him. How angry was he, when Haman came and talked to him about Asiah’s decision. Directly, the king asked to Haman and his guides to arrest Asiah and her family. He would punish them of their mistake.

In the jail, Asiah met with the king, she tried to ask to the king for giving freedom to her parents. The king would give it, but he would marry her first. Looking at her father and mother who were so pity, Asiah agreed to the king. She would be his wife by some requests. “ You must liberate my parents. You must make a beautiful home completely to my parents. My parent’s health and meal must be guaranteed along the time. I will be your wife and come to certain events but not to sleep with you. If you don’t receive my willingness, I would choose to die with my father and my mother,” said Asiah. Finally, Pharaoh agreed of Asiah’s requests.

Asiah was living in luxury and together in the palace of Pharaoh. But she did not bring an influence on the life. Asiah always did religious orders, and she remained obedient to God Almighty to do worship. At night she always did prayer and worship to God. Always she prayed that her honor is not touched by her husband. To save Asiah and keep her honor, Allah has created the devil in disguise herself as a way Asiah to sleep with Pharaoh.

One day in a meeting, Pharaos announced to kill some wizards of the kingdom who didn’t believe to the king as a god. He was angry to them because they believed to Prophet Musa. Musa said that there is no strength and God except Alloh SWT. The king felt that the wizard betrayed him. Hazaqil who was the advisor of that king disagree to him, he said that Musa was true. His wife, Siti msyithoh ever said it. Listening to his advisor, the king was angry. He asked to the guides for arresting Hazaqil to the jail with the wizards. Looking at her husband, Siti Masyithoh cried, she asked to the king for forgiving Hazaqil but Pharaos didn’t.

Asiah, who knew that news, came to Siti Masyithoh. She tried to remind that they still have Alloh with them. Alloh help will come to the right time. They supported each other to face ferocity of Pharaoh and not humanity. Both of them knew the truth that they are women who are very faithful to Allah.

Morning in the beautiful palace of the Pharaoh, Siti Masyithoh was accompanying the princess. While in their conversation, suddenly Siti Masyithoh felt a comb. She said Subhannalloh. The princess who listened to it felt that it was not her father’s name. directly, the princess said to her father about that. Pharaoh was angry to Masyithoh, he asked her to admit that Pharaoh is a god. Masyithoh who was in difficulty still kept her belief. She still said that Alloh is god of universe. The king asked to his guards to boil Siti Masyithoh and two of her daughters in boiling water. Masyithoh still keep her belief. They enter into the boiling water and died without a scream. At that time there was a strange happen that people can smell fragrance aroma.

Asiah who saw that tragedy was angry to Pharaoh. She can’t receive about Paraoh’s decision. Finally, the king also gave punishment to siti Asiah, she was arrested in the jail without meal

Analysis of Religious Value in Drama on Script “Siti Asiah and Siti Asyithoh” Written by: RIO MAHENDRA

Data #1
Wizard 2 : “Musa has told the truth that Alloh is the almighty.”
Wizard 3 : “Musa has told the truth that Alloh is the great.”
Wizard 4 : “Alloh is the highness and the emperor.”
Analysis : From that dialog, the wizards realize that there is no god except Alloh. Musa has made them know about it. As the human we can take the value of it that Alloh is the highest than everything.

Data #2
Hazaqil : “Yes, I do majesty.” “ I believe that Alloh is the creator of universe.”
Analysis : That sentence consists of high belief that nothing will happen without Alloh. Although he realizes his king will be angry to him, but it proved that he tries to lift name of Alloh up. There is no doubt in his mind to admit that he begin to belief Alloh much. Actually Hazaqil is King Pharaoh’s follower. In the beginning of this story he trusts that the king is a god. But, in this section his assumption changed. He provides for wizards who will be killed by the king because they trust to Alloh.

Data #3
Siti Asiyah : “Don’t be sad Masyithoh. You still have Alloh.”
Analysis : In this line, Siti Asiyah tried to give motivation to Masyitoh. She reminded that Alloh is everything. In that condition Masyithoh was in difficulty. She forced by the king to admit if he is the God of universe, but she didn’t. Then, that king decided to punish her in that kingdom. Getting that condition she still kept her belief that help of Alloh will come to her.

Data #4
Siti Asiyah : “Don’t cry again please (face to two daughters of Masyithoh). Subhanalloh, we are same to believe Alloh as the God.”
Analysis : Form the word “subhanalloh”,Siti Asiyah try to remind to Masyithoh that Alloh is holy. Then she also reminds that there is no help except Alloh.

Data #5
Siti Masyithoh : “Thank you for supporting me to face this problem. We don’t know what will we get in future. We are only depending on Alloh.”
Analysis : Form the sentence “We are only depending to Alloh” explains that she always believes unto Alloh belongs to her. Even, she was in a hard condition, but she still keep her believe unto Alloh that He will give her a good way. No one can predict what will happen, just trying for the best.

Data #6
Siti masyithoh : “Alloh is God for me and my family, my lord.”
Analysis : From the previous dialogue, Siti Masyithoh is forced to admit that the king is her God. But, it can’t change her mind which always trusts that Alloh is everything. She can’t change her belief of it. There is nothing can replace Alloh in her mind and heart.

Data #7
Masyithoh’s daughter 2: “Umi………. Alloh strengthens your faith. Heaven is more beautiful than the Pharaoh’s palace. Allohu…Allohu…ahaaad…ahead Allohu Ahaad subhanalloh…”
Analysis : Masyithoh daughters don’t feel worry about something that will happen to them. They still keep Alloh in their mind ever after.

Data #8
Narrator : “Masyithoh still keeps her belief. They enter into boiling water and died without a scream. At that time there Is a strange happen that people can smell fragrance aroma.” Analysis : We can look at the sentence that masyithoh and her daughters are in dangerous. In the other hand that they believe Alloh help will come to them. The fragrance smell shows that they didn’t mistaken. We can take the value from this that the truth will shows the proof.

Data #9
Asiah :” I believe to Alloh. Alloh is one and only. You are only a man.”
Analysis : Asiah don’t want to get freedom from her punishment just for admitting that the king is god. She still keep her believe that Alloh is her God.

Data #10
Narrator : ………………… “Finally both of them died in a strength faith to ALLOH. We wish Alloh SWT a mercy to them. Amiin.”
Analysis : The narrator in the end reminds to the reader that we have to keep our mind that Alloh is everything. “Amien” is an expression that there is a hope to Alloh all about our want

Lesson Learn
Come from that drama above, we can get many values especially for religious values. The king namely Pharaoh is a leader that has no responsible as the king. He considers that he is a god of universe then he does everything that he wants.
As the human, we should protect ourselves for any kinds of bad habit. We have to realize that there is god who judges us. From the drama script above we can know how hard some characters make sure that there is nothing changes the position of Alloh in their heart. Alloh will give us everything that we want and He will proof it as His promise to us.
For the conclusion of this analysis we have to come back to Alloh and we have to keep Him in our heart and mind. The expression of it can be appeared from saying “Bismillah” of everything that will be done, etc.

Irwan Yuni Suryanto
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