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The Summaries of Poems: Religious Values

allahAccording to Oxford Dictionary, Values is person’s principle or standards of behavior, one judgment of what is important in life. Values relate to the norm of the culture, but they are more global and abstract than norms. Norms provide rules for behavior in specific situations, while values identify what should be judged or good or evil. While norms are standard, pattern, rules and guides of expected behavior, value are abstract concepts of what is important and worthwhile values seemed to have changed, affecting the beliefs, and attitudes of the students. Types of values include Religious Value, Philosophical Value, Ethical Value, and Esthetical value. Here, Religious value will be discussed. Based on Wikipedia, Religious founded in religious values are ethical principles founded in religious traditions, texts and beliefs. In contrast to personal values, religious based values are based on the scriptures and a religion’s established norms. The function of religious value is to explain why people should be moral or spiritual at all, and to cultivate a fundamental human constitution of living under obligation. Religious value in poem usually about the human who can find their belief and they can express about everything that God creates. By knowing the religious value in poem, we can take so many messages in our life.

A. The summary of “Alloh” poem
This poem tells about the admiration of the people to Alloh. How alloh creates something, how Alloh loves His creation, how big the power of alloh, they are amazing. Alloh can create everything by simple saying. Alloh holds every single power in this world. No one may be capable to compete with Him. Love of Alloh to His creation is so big. It is bigger than mother’s love to her child. But, people often do not aware of it. People often have negative thinking unto Alloh if they get sadness in their life. Alloh is also forgiving. Alloh will forgive every single mistake done by people if they want to ask forgiveness to Him and do not do it more in the future. Alloh is merciful.

B. The summary of “Purpose of man” poem
This poem tells about the nature of human being made in this world by Alloh. Man is made by Alloh from the clay. Alloh makes people in order to respect to Him, do what he commands and avoid what Alloh forbids. Praying 5 times, fasting ramadhan, paying zakat are some examples of Alloh’s command. Stealing, killing, drinking alcohol are some examples of Alloh’s forbids. Life in this world is just moment. The real life is in the hereafter or beyond. We will get paradise or hell depends on our attitudes living in the world. We have to use our lips for dzikir. Our eyes are for watching something good, and all of our bodies must be used for doing something good. Muhammad is our prophet. He has guided us to the good way, good religion. That is Islamic religion. So, we have to spread Islam throughout this land as we can. We will life safety if we do what our prophet had done.

C. The summary of “Where I can life” poem
 This poem tells about contemplation of the man toward his life. He has made some mistakes and he feels so depress. He wants paradise but he is not sure he can get it. He guesses that he will get hell because so many sins he has done. He feels that he is late. Finally, he realizes that changing his life in a good way is necessary even it is late. He tries to do it even it is so hard. He wants to change his black life become white life.

D. The summary of “Do I still have time” poem
This poem tells about contemplation of the man. In the middle of night, he cannot sleep because he thinks about his sins. He tries to remember what he has done in his life. He tries to remember how much sins he has done. He tries to count, count and count. His belief is he still has time to ask forgiveness unto Alloh and do better in the future.

E. The summary of “Your last breath” poem
This poem tells about the sadness of a man looking someone he loves facing death. Day by day, year by year has passed quickly. Finally, he faces the real condition that he cannot predict before. But, he must receive it sincerity. Something he can do is praying for her. He also guides her saying “Lailla haillalloh” on her last breath. So that she can die with Khusnul khotimah condition. Every people must die one day. But People do not know when they will die. Alloh is the only one who knows it. Mate, death, and also livelihood have been definite by Alloh. Moslem’s believeness is when someone faces death and on the last breath say “Liallahaillalloh”, he or she will get safety in her or his death.

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