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YouTube Creator Academy: Engage Your Audience Boot Camp

YouTube New Feature

Today I am so surprise when i open my YouTube Dashboard. There are some notification from YouTube on of them is YouTube Creator Academy: Engage Your Audience Boot Camp. This feature is still new in my mind. Hehehe. It means that I am newbie in YouTube Business so I don't know what is that?

I see in my dashboard, as follows:
"Engage your audience: Want to rack up watch time and turn viewers into long-term fans? Register now for our "Engage your audience" boot camp, March 16-27, 2015".
My simple conclusion after read the notification:

"hmhm May be if I have joined to this short course i can increase my YouTube views. But, Is there any risk or no, yea? because my YouTube Channel is got Strike 1 and Dismon. hmhmhm. I have to think more about this. In other hand, if I am only to be silent i get nothing. :-( It is very complicated to me. I need someone who understand more about this info.

For a few minutes I have talked with my all friends who have joined to this suggestion from YouTube. They also give me two points of view. Join or No. hahaha The last, I am more confuse about this problem.

See the word "Register now" if I click this URL, I will be redirected to this form:


YouTube Creator Academy Engage your audience boot camp registration form
Welcome to the YouTube Creator Academy Engage your audience boot camp! This two week course will run in English from March 16-30, 2015. Sign up for the course in less than a minute. Then, learn tools and strategies to turn viewers into long-term fans.
During week 1, March 16-22, you'll learn ways to build a strong connection with your viewers and then understand their demographics and preferences.
In week 2, March 23-30, you'll learn why it's important to connect with potential fans off of YouTube and what YouTube Analytics can teach you about your subscribers (and why that is important to long-term success on YouTube). 
Don't miss this awesome opportunity to engage with other creators while learning new tips, tools, and strategies to build your channel and audience on YouTube.
* Wajib
What is your first name? 
What is your last name? 
What is your email address? 
Enter the URL of the YouTube channel you will use during this course. (If you don't have a YouTube channel, enter "youtube.com".) 
To find the URL of your channel, go to YouTube.com in your browser and click "My Channel", then copy and paste the URL. Your URL may vary depending on device but it must contain "www.youtube.com".
Ini pertanyaan yang wajib diisi
Gambar Tanpa Teks
In what country do you use YouTube?
If your country is not listed, leave blank.
What type of videos do you typically make?
How many subscribers do you have on your current channel(s)? 
Once registered, my goal is to (select the response that most closely matches your goal): 
Have you taken any other YouTube Creator Academy boot camps in the past? 
If yes, did you earn a letter of completion?
How did you hear about the boot camp? 
By registering for the YouTube Creator Academy boot camp, you agree to receive occasional course notifications with information and assignments from March 16-30, 2015, and after the course, you will receive an optional feedback survey. 
If you do not wish to participate, you can unenroll from the course in any course notification. Your participation in the Creator Academy boot camp and your use of YouTube are subject to the YouTube Terms of Service (youtube.com/t/terms) and the Google Privacy Policy (goo.gl/LTT8gT).
Optional: Occasionally YouTube reaches out to creators, click here if we may contact you in the future about potential partnering opportunities.

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Google Formulir

Formulir ini dibuat di dalam Google.com. 

    Anyone who wanna help me solve my problem? hehehe I hope someone who read my story here can find the resolution not only for my channel but also your own channel. Thanks
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