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Increase Infolinks Earning With Related Tags Feature

Infolinks is that the most well-liked in-text advertising program and wide victimization by giant still as tiny publishers. Infolinks is known for its high CTR and sensible CPM. Infolinks left Kontera behind and currently it's the amount one inline ad network

Infolinks have further additional|an added} feature for its publishers and given them the prospect to form extra revenue. Infolinks has launched a brand new exciting feature named connected Tags. consistent with Infolinks, connected tag feature can increase the revenue up to thirty p.c. Infolinks has launched it once a whole beta testing on selective publishers like scitechbox.com.

Increasing Infolinks

What is Infolinks connected tag feature?

Definitely you may have seen Google Adsense Link Units. therefore the look of Infolink connected tag Unit is simply like Adsense Link Unit and its color is Blue. the sole distinction is once somebody hover the mouse on tag links, the infolinks ads square measure appeared rather like infolinks inline ads.

In-fact infolinks connected tag code produce automatic links for those keywords of page content relevant to Infolinks advertises.

These tags appeared as real links and possibilities to click on these links by guests square measure increased and so the revenue could increase up to half-hour or a lot of.

How to Use this Feature

It is terribly straightforward to feature Infolinks connected tags in your webpage. If you're victimization Infolinks currently then you'll directly add this single code in your webpage. you have got to feature this code wherever you would like to look the connected tags. connected tag unit will regulate its dimension mechanically consistent with area. you'll add this in sidebar, on top of the article or below the article.

Add the subsequent code in page HTML
<input type=”hidden” name=”IL_RELATED_TAGS” value=”1″/>

In my opinion you want to attempt Infolinks connected Tag feature once as a result of it doesn't take any time in customization or configuration.
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