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Tips For Getting A Master Degree Program Abroad Through Scholarship

Higher levels of education can indeed be a good foundation for your career. No wonder that a lot of people who want to continue their studies to pursue S2 (Master Degree), both to deepen knowledge and to support the professional career better. Unfortunately, the cost of S2 are not small often be a barrier, especially if you want to continue the S2 level abroad.

Scholarship Abroad for S2 program

Fortunately there are still ways for you to realize your dream continue S2 abroad, through scholarships. But of course, getting a scholarship is not easy because the demand is not small. Here are I have some of preparation that you can do to help you in getting the scholarship to study abroad:

1. Build a portfolio and / or work experience
One of the scholarship recipients qualifications set by most agencies are working experience for at least 2 years. In addition, work experience will also enrich your knowledge and help you through college while S2. Work experience as the basic consideration to follow some scholarship which is offered by some institution.

2. Increasing the ability of English
One absolute requirement exists in qualifying prospective grantee is about the TOEFL or IELTS test. Both of them are the complicated things and the important thing which has to pass by the qualifiers. The score of IELTS (usually at least 6.5) or TOEFL (typically at least 550). Therefore, increase your English ability to meet these qualifications. Trying to do better and you will get the best thing in your life.

3. Prepare a letter of recommendation
Letter of recommendation is one of the requirements of the scholarship S2. Some people who wrote letters of recommendation for you is your boss or professor / professor while you lecture in S1 program. But you can also ask for recommendations from others. Just make sure the author has experience writing letters of recommendation, knowing your job well, and get to know you personally, have a high position or is relevant to the job. 

4. Add the organization experience
Organizational experience will provide added value of your scholarship application as well as providing work experience together with others that will help you in carrying out education S2. This organization experience you can get in various community service, etc. 

5. Prepare documents to complete the scholarship application
Documents to be overseas scholarship requirements typically are the latest diploma legalized, transcripts that have been legalized, letters of recommendation, CV, TOEFL / IELTS, birth certificates, identity cards copy, as well as photographs. Do not forget, most of these documents you should provide in Indonesian and English.

In addition to the preparation of the requirements above, of course, you must be diligent in looking for information about scholarships S2 from various sources. Do not forget to specify the fields and majors S2 that match your interests and relevant to your S1 department or by the job that you want to live. The relevance of this has also an important role in determining whether you will get a scholarship that you want or not. 

With proper preparation and abilities honed, dream to get a scholarship abroad S2 in range. Good luck Buddy! And don't give up.
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