Part-time Job for Students

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Part time job
Working world is different from the world in school or college. To prepare for the world of work, gain experience of working part-time work may be an option. But part-time work what can be done by you are still in college? Some of the following jobs could be your inspiration.

1. Barista or waitress
Many restaurant or coffee shop that opened up opportunities for students who want to work part-time. Another advantage of this job is part-time workers are usually quite flexible work schedule according to the class schedule. Work went well, college was not disturbed. 

2. Teachers Courses
You can provide tutoring for school children with the material according to your ability, for example tutoring mathematics, English language lessons, etc. Les schedule flexible but still can be adjusted to your class schedule. 

3. Retail / SPG
SPG to sell products or maintain the store could also be an option. Work experience can also be a plus for those who take college majoring in marketing, because you can work simultaneously apply what you learn in college. 

4. Freelance Workers
The scope of freelance workers is quite extensive, as you can find a job according to your interests and skills. For example, if you majored in Journalism communication, you can work part-time as a freelance reporter in print or TV. Part-time work in accordance with the scope of this course you learn will be a plus after you graduate and find a job, because you already have work experience. Or if you like photography, you can work part-time as a photographer for a pre-wedding, weddings, etc. 

5. Distributors
You are subscribed a particular product? Why not try to be a distributor of the product and sell it in the family or acquaintances? You can choose your work time, and the results you get are usually not small. 

Working part-time is not just looking for extra money to the pockets of students, but also to add work experience. Part-time work you do will be a plus when you are looking for a job after graduation, especially if you are working part-time do they relate to the scope of work you are looking for. But for sure, do not let work interfere with your college part-time, yes.

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