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Tips Success Google Adsense

How to build a successful blog on blogspot with Google Adsense? Adsense is still the No one source of income for the blogger, it's been a lot of bloggers who have managed to get thousands of dollars every month by simply using blogspot. But there are still many people who do not earn a substantial income from Adsense.

Tips Sukses Bermain Google Adsense

In this article, I will explain some tips and factors that you must understand in order to successfully get your blog enormous income from Google Adsense. Below are the explanation.

1. The Targeted Traffic 

The first is a blog visitor traffic, to be able to successfully earn a substantial income from Adsense from blogspot, you must have a lot of visitor traffic. However, it should be a lot of traffic targeted traffic, a lot of people who are able to bring many visitors to the blog traffic, but they do not know how to bring targeted visitors to the blog. Not all visitor traffic is the same, the fact that the targeted visitors will generate a lot of clicks. 

Then how to get targeted visitors? To get the targeted visitors you should be able to research your keywords or keyword research and combine it with the strategy of search engine optimization (SEO). Read also How to increase Blog visitor.

If you do not understand how to research keywords and SEO f blog, I suggest to you to read and study about Adsense, may be you can buy some books or browsing from internet. The sources has helped blogger earn thousands of dollars per month by simply using blogspot.

2. Target Expensive Keywords (THK) 

Keywords expensive or Highest Paying Keywords (HPK) is another factor that can determine the success of Adsense. If you are only targeting blog keywords that are not expensive, you will slow in getting great Adsense revenue. 

HPK is the key-word keywords that have a high click prices between $ 1 - $ 30 per-clicks. So if you target the costly keywords you can quickly earn a great income. In contrast with the keywords cheap, maybe you will only get $ 0.01 - $ 0.50 only per click. 

To find the price of expensive keywords accurately, you can use the keyword tool. If you want to know in detail about how to implement keyword research on Google Adsense. 

3. Ads Placement Right 

To be successfully get a lot of Adsense clicks on blog, you should place an ads in a prominent position the eyes of visitors, for example on the right sidebar of the blog. If Adsense ads do not appear, how can i get a lot of Adsense clicks? 

Another tip is do not put too many Adsense ads on blogs because too many ads could lead to invalid clicks and can be a danger to the security of your Adsense account, put up a advertisement to taste. I suggest put the ads on blog about 2-3 pieces only, never more. 

4. Create Unique Content 

If you want to blogspot visited by many people, create blog content with a unique topic that does not exist on other people's sites. Actually there are many topics that have not been widely available on the internet, especially on Indonesian websites. 

Why do not you try for unique / different? You can write content about your hobbies, about your skills, your experiences, etc., as long as the benefit to others. Google.com as Search Engines love content that is unique and can bring your blog to good rankings. 

6. Make Adsense Ads That Attract Attention 

When you create Adsense ads, you can adjust the color of the ads that appear on the blog, in order to attract attention-you can change the color of Adsense ads on a regular basis so that visitors do not get bored. For example, in one month you change the color of the Adsense ads as much as 3 times, from the blue and white colors, red to white, then yellow markings so black, and so on. 

7. Perform Experiments 

To be successful Adsense with blogspot, you must have the courage to do the experiments, such as experiments testing the blog visitor traffic source optimal, for example comparing the source traffic from search engines and social media, then you are the best compare. 

Another example is the experiment about color Adsense ads and Adsense ads best position, then compare the color and position Which advertisement is most often get a lot of clicks on your blogspot blog. 

That's some Google AdSense tips that I can share, if you want to be successful to get thousands of dollars from Adsense and Blogspot please read some sources about Adsense.
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