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How to Get Adsense Non-Hosted Account

Adsense account is divided into two things. Adsense host and adsense non-host. Here, I will tell about Adsense non-host. For Account Hosted, I will explain in the other day. As a little, Account Hosted is easily to get by many bloggers. They can sign up by using Youtube and Blogspot. So, I will tell in the last.

Adsense account non-hosted is the most in a hurry or wanted by most adsense publishers, Most of them are already have adsense account but their account is an account hosted. Indeed, non-hosted account has many benefits and advantages than hosted account. When I've been asked by a friend to be made are non-hosted adsense account but after I received the list and it turns out thatmy account is adsense account hosted, whereas sometimes before I always get a non-hosted adsense account. 

There are no provisions or special requirements to get adsense account is non-hosted, on my previous article I have discussed about Tips success Google Adsense and what is google adsense and how does it works? but the third article explains about whether or not account which will be obtained later hosted or non-hosted. For this article, I will try to share with the readers how to get adsense account is non-hosted by the opinion and experience I had.

Adsense Non-hosted

Based on my experience and my observations so far, the following requirements to obtain a non-hosted adsense account, namely: 
  1. Blog which will be registered into google adsense should be at least six months.
  2. During the six months of the template and layout should not be changed
  3. Articles 100% is original, not recommended article Copy and Paste
  4. Complete the blog with our Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer, and About Us.
  5. In addition to be easily get and adsense non-hosted, you must try and try harder.
Some requairements above is not the proper or the first thing that should be completed by bloggers. They have to study in some sources about How to register at Google Adsense. Some of the sources tells that Adsense Hosted can be upgraded to be adsense Non-hosted. Read more at some search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Those are some of my requirements to get a non-hosted adsense account, I hope the article is helpful for readers. If any of the readers who have questions or want to just add other requirements please conveyed in the comments box on the bottom of this article. 
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