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Indonesian Sex Polemik

I previously may be quite naive. I think that any individual, or a nation, and civilization will always have the wisdom, collective wisdom, have enough energy to solve its problems.


This nation has many leaders, scholars, smart people, professors who read 1,000 books, the teachers, are also those who are concerned with the state of this nation. They probably should have been able to enlighten people, facilitate people see a problem, help solving them, and make this nation better, more enlightened, becomes more advanced.

But sometimes, that enlightenment does not come, trivial matters discussed protracted. Headache and a lot of people across the nation are so out of focus. While other nations are busy developing science and technology, are already gearing up to penetrate outer space, develop technology of atomic-scale particles, and the nation continues to be busy talking about trivial things.

Imitate the perception of sexuality issues in this nation. If you see smart people debate on television, you are guaranteed to be even more confused and emotional. When expecting enlightenment there, you will be disappointed. I was finally bored. It must end. Now, please have your attention to this simple view.

That sexuality is a gift of God.

Maybe it was one of the main best gift of God to mankind is so cherished and loved. God, who created man male and female, complete with all the "equipment". Obviously right? Okay. The human body is beautiful? Obviously dong. That's God's creation. Maybe even the best of men and the most beautiful creations.

But God just reminded, that His grace each guarded by wisdom and maturity. Religion reminds us that not too much, not too far. Then too, there is the effect. Example: eating. The food was rizki God. But if excessive, no effect. Process food in the stomach need large energy and unused oxygen from the brain to the stomach makes us sleepy, so not productive. If the food is not maintained, you already know the consequences. We can get the disease from mild to dangerous, from the heart, cancer, to diabetes. Want to get diabetes? God and the Prophet, who loved us remind that we can enjoy the grace, without the need to feel the risk is. Now we even have a concept of his own, his name diets. Then watch the forest. Forests are also the grace of God. Given to man, for the sake of happiness and well-being. But if digundulin, what effect? Flooding, and global warming. Obviously right?

What is about sex? What is the effect?

 Sex is not responsible turned into free sex, sex turns into pornography. Pornography is sex too far, and no effect.

What is the effect? Moral? Ethics? Sin? All that might just abstract in the minds of many people. But you will see that the effect is so real. So real that the President should immediately conduct a strategic meeting to discuss this. Imagine school children, perhaps nieces us, maybe our children. At the desk on one side there are books of physics, mathematics, chemistry, English, and science books other. But on the other hand, there is a magazine, bound in front of a beautiful woman, with a challenging pose (fighting), with minimal clothing.

The result? All school books will not cared about anymore. Mathematical formulas, and the words of the English language? Who cares? Thoughts and desires are already caught up in the imagination of the woman. Then Destroyed the child. He will fail in school lessons, exam.

Because his mind was not able to focus, he will be hard to develop itself, difficult to achieve, eventually he will work hard to find, difficult to have a career ahead. Destroyed her life and future. If the child fails in life, he will feel the hell before he go to hell. 

Now imagine this. How about millions of Indonesian children have become accustomed to viewing pornography? This nation will fail, becoming a failed state. Not because Wrath of God, but because the whole nation is failing to focus.

While Indonesian children busy looking Miyabi, the children of Singapore, Malaysia, China, America, Israel, Thailand busy studying nanotechnology, biotechnology, astronomy, and software algorithms. Indonesia's economic future will fail to compete, and will experience deterioration slowly but strategic and massive. Destruction a matter of time.

Avid adult pornography? As adults, we have a lot to think about, as well as tremendous potential to become a more successful man, and happier.

We must think of our children, the growth of him, and his future. We want our children loved it successfully. We need a happy wife, to communicate, share, love. We want a happy family. Families who make our days bright, optimistic, and can support us in the face of life.

We need to think about the future of our business, a career in the office. We can learn from our bosses, we can read a lot of books about business and management. We can join a course management or leadership. It all takes energy. But if we've been addicted to pornography, all of it will be lost. Instead of thinking about all dizzy, relaxed mending see the video. Shattering all our potential to succeed and be happy. So do not get stuck pornography, go for your dreams to life which is really fun.

And the statement that adults should watch pornography is a ridiculous paradox. An adult, should already know what is good and not good for him. Thus Spake, he's not going to spoil him with pornography. So that watching pornography is definitely not an adult.

And when the nation's morale has not maintained, then the biggest disease of civilization it will come. If the entire nation is low capabilities, but uncontrolled lust, how to get all the pleasures of the world, the treasure, throne, and the woman? Easy. By way of cheating, thieves, corruption, taking what is not rightfully his. Currently, millions of Indonesian children are formed into corruptors future. And Indonesia will soon be destroyed civilization. Pornography does nothing? Please think again really pack. 

The great historian Arnold Toynbee once said this, "Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder". Civilizations were destroyed not because of damage from the outside, but destroyed from within itself. Even compared with the terrorists. A no civilization destroyed by terrorists despite the barbarian Mongol nation. Civilizations that eventually collapsed, because it can not control the moral and focus. They are already weak, and the terrorists only provide the last final blow for civilization's end.

In the past, in the 8-12 century, the greatest and the most advanced civilization in the world, not the West, not Europe or America. Civilization is the greatest in the world of Islamic civilization in Baghdad. Now it no longer remains. It has been forgotten, even many people who do not know any Muslims. We may have heard, in the fairy tales "1001 Nights", about a kingdom so magnificent and abundant wealth.

Towards the end of its glory, there was a caliph Al-Mutawakkil who called had two hobbies. First build magnificent palaces. Secondly, collecting beautiful women from all over the world. In the vast harem, he has a stash of beautiful women for up to 4000 people (Hitti, Brief History of the Arab World). All its officials have the same hobby.

Then who could think of the people? Nation? The future of the kingdom? Corruption is so rampant, all people want to be rich somehow scramble. Until finally the economic collapse that had advanced so. Islamic civilization weaker, until finally, the Mongol army which controls the Far East saw a great opportunity to crush the weakened kingdom for ever.

In January 1258, hundreds of thousands of troops Mongols attacked Baghdad like a giant tsunami flood hit sloping beach without a hitch. Magnificent Baghdad burned, razed to the ground. Male killed en masse, and female-female suffered a worse fate than death. That's the most powerful consequences if we do not realize what the importance of maintaining morale.

Once again, let us remember the points. 

First, sexuality is a gift from God. It was for human happiness but there is a way. That's it. Second, free sex and pornography is a gift of God that is diverted, used without intelligence, without wisdom, without maturity, and without responsibility. Third, sexuality can not be responsible for self-destructing, damaging the future, even destroy civilization.

It has been so obvious right? Still pingin noisy polemic weve video artist? Influence or no influence? Guilty or not guilty? Now how many tens of millions of Indonesian children who watch the video?
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