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How to Register Your Blog to Google Adsense

Having started many visitors your blog, it is better to make the blog as a money machine. Thus, in addition besides we can do blogging we can also make money online. Minimal cost for the internet, we do not have to spend money from their own pockets. One method of making money on the internet by using a blog is PPC (Pay Per Click). 

PPC is an online advertising media that will pay the publisher every valid clicks occur on their blog. Currently the best PPC and much loved by the online business is Google Adsense. Why should Google Adsense? Because only the brave love Google Adsense high prices for some of the ads, and many online businesses that have been successful with this PPC program. The good news is today's Google Adsense has received Indonesian language blog. So wait no more! Come immediately register your blog!!!

Registering Steps Into Google Adsense Blog

1. The first step for registering an Indonesian language blog to Google Adsense PPC is bringing up the menu "monetize" or "Monetize" on the Dashboard of your blog. You do this by clicking on the Settings menu and then format, the menu language Indonesian changes to English and then click SAVE SETTINGS button that appears below. If there is existing menu "monetize" or "Monetize in your dashboard," skip this step and go directly to go step 3. 

2. Try now look at the top of the screen, in addition to existing menus Posts, Comments, Settings, Design, and Statistics, Monetize menu will appear which are among the menu design and statistics. 

3. Next step is to click on the Monetize menu and then click the button labeled REGISTER ADSENSE, having appeared form Earn Money with AdSense click the NEXT button.

dashboard blogger

4. The next menu there are two options, but is automatically selected is Create New AdSense account, and then click the NEXT.

adsense account

5. In the picture above, you must choose the ways how to create adsense account. Left side is yes or agree with Google suggestion. And right side is No or using new Google account.

adsense for website information

6. In the picture above, after we choose the google account for google adsense we must fill the website information for google adsense registering. Then, click Continue.

7. Having emerged form Create an AdSense account, fill in the data correctly according to my friend's identity card, such as ID card, driver's license, or passport. Information about how the filling is as follows:
  • Account type : select only the Individual.
  • Country or territory : select Indonesia.
  • Payee name: filled with full name. 
  • Street Address : filled with street names, house numbers, RT / RW, Name Village / Country, and Name of the District. e.g Jl. Diponegoro. 126 RT / RW 02/05 Pulerejo, Ngantru .
  • City / Town: filled with the name of the City / County or residence, for example, Tulungagung
  • Postal Code: filled with a zip code of residence, e.g 66252 
  • Province: select a province of residence, e.g East Java.
  • Phone: filled with numbers and do not forget add code +62 in front, for example mobile  phone number is 085746360267, then write to be +6285746360267
adsense form

On the Policies menu, do not forget to tick all the boxes contents by clicking the boxes. Ensure all data entered is correct according your Identity Card, finally click the Submit Information. 

8. Open your blog email that was used to sign up for Google Adsense, search adsense-mails of support, if there is no matter just wait for Google Adsense take some time to review the registration of your account. If the email has appeared and sentences that read "Welcome to AdSense! .... And so on," it means the first review of Google Adsense has been completed and just do the next review. In this stage of the ads that appear on your blog just a blank page and within 4 working days of Google Adsense will give an answer whether the submission is rejected or accepted account. If accepted, the original ads page will appear blank text or banner ads and it means a chance to get a dollar already in sight.

Those are the ways to create a google adsense account. The successful of making adsense account is not only depending the ability of the bloggers but also is depending on the lucky of the bloggers. So, this is just explanation not the best ways to make google adsense account.
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