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New Feature For Blogger

Hai-hai bloggers around the world, How are you today?, I hope all of you okay as like me. hehehe, Ok today I am SEO Anyaran will explain about the new feature on Blogger. Actually this feature is started at July 2nd, 2014 or exactly in the first of July. This feature called Campaign or in Indonesia is Kampanye. This feature helps the bloggers around the world to promote their blog and to increase their blog's visitors.

The campaign features is an advertising feature which will be connected with Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a paid form of advertising offered by Google, which provide the ways to promote your blog to be popular around the world by registering your website to it. Then, After your website have done registered to the Google Adwords your website will be displayed on the first google search engine when users browsing. The popular of your website which you have is very influenced by the use of Adwords' Keywords which you have or when you type in the Keywords form in Google Adwords.

But there are unique in this update, because usually a new update notification feature will be informed on Blogger Buzz, but after I check no notification from the Blogger Buzz.

Blogger Dashboard

Blogger Campaign Feature

With this new feature there are so many advantages for blogger you can get and do, among other things: 
1. Creating Ad
 Start by writing an ad that tells about your blog.  Next select the search terms that will make the ads appear in Google search results. 
2. Persons - people look at your blog in Google 
If the word is entered in Google matches your keywords, your ad may appear above or next to search results. 
3. You get more readers
 They click on your ad and open your blog. At best, you only pay when they do that. 

So this feature can help promote your blog with Google Adwords paid advertising media. You will get extra money online and many visitors to your blog. By using this feature you will get some advantages but in addition you will get disadvantages. Only bloggers who have Credit Card here can use this new feature.
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