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How to Install Alexa Widget 2014

First of all if you are thinking that why to install Alexa widget on your Wordpress or blogger blog then let me first explain some important benefits of installing Alexa widget and how you as blog owner or webmaster can benefits from it and some brief explanation about how Alexa works to rank your blog.

a) First and most important reason to put alexa widget is that it shows the popularity and authority of your blog to your readers and audience

b) If you alexa ranking is very good then you might easily attract lots of direct advertisers for advertising on your blog since advertisers look for authority and popular blogs and you can easily fill some blank advertising spaces on your blog.

Alexa rank widget

c) It is more or equally treated as Google page rank

d) It indicates how successful your blog or website is and how many visitors and traffic your blog receives

e) If you have great alexa rankings then you can boost your business as it is not like other crap websites for rankings and also it is owned by very well know and popular website Amazon.

How My Blog Ranking Is Determined By Alexa?
Alexa ranking for your blog is determined by how many visitors with alexa toolbar( Chrome ) or alexa extention ( Firefox )  visit your blog and the more they visit your blog more good rankings you can get as toolbars and extensions help alexa to estimate rankings for your blog

Now that you know how and what is alexa rank so without wasting any more time lets start tutorial

Installing Latest Alexa Wdget On Blogger And Wordpress Blogs?

For Blogger- To install alexa widget on your blogger blog you have to do following steps

1) First Go to Alexa.com and click on support tab

2) Next type Display alexa rank on search box and press enter now you will find some search results find "Can I display my alexa rank on my site" and click on it as shown in below image.

Display Alexa Ranking Widget

3) Now you can find the actual code to display alexa ranking on your blog simply copy the code as highlighted in below screen shot.

Show Alexa Ranking Widget
Show Alexa Ranking Widget

Note- Replace yoursite.com with your blog or website name and here you have 2 code one is for just showing ranking and other show ranking along with how many links are pointing to your website So I would recommend to go for second one as its more looks impressive

4) Now simply go to your blogger blog settings and select Layout and click on Add a Gadget and then select HTML/JavaScript and paste your code and click Save and that it you are done.

Install Alexa Widget On Blogger
Install Alexa Widget On Blogger

For Wordpress- To install alexa widget on your WordPress blog you have to do following steps

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearances > Widgets and drag one text field in your desired location and paste your HTML code.

Congrats you have successfully installed alexa ranking widget on your blogger / wordpress blog, Now you can go ahead and check whether the widget is properly showing on your blog  If you have any doubt you can always ask me in comment section and don't forget to share and subscribe for getting more such blogging tips and tricks.

- See more at: http://www.nicebloggingtips.com/2014/06/install-alexa-widget.html.
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