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How to create Gmail Account without phone verification

Gmail Account

Google implements numerous security measures to prevent the opening of spam accounts and keep your email safe from hackers. If you need to create multiple accounts, Google requests that you associate the account with a mobile phone number, and that number is restricted in the total number of accounts you can associate with it. This measure helps ensure the integrity of Gmail by requesting that people opening new accounts verify that they are in fact a person rather than an automated spammer. If providing a mobile phone number is problematic for you, there are sometimes ways around it.


Google requests a mobile phone number as a safeguard against spammers and as an added layer of protection for your account. However, providing a number is not mandatory depending on your geographic location, provided you fill out the CAPTCHA field on the registration page. In the event you cannot read the CAPTCHA text, providing a mobile number becomes the only way of creating an account.

Clear Browser Data

When you set up your first Gmail account, Google logs related information, including the IP address of the computer you used to establish the account. When multiple accounts are set up with a computer using the same IP address within a short time frame, this raises a red flag with Google, which then requires the user to provide a mobile phone number for verification. To circumvent this requirement, navigate to your browser's privacy settings and clear all browsing data -- cookies, passwords and browsing history. This will allow you to create another Google account.

Use a Proxy

Changing your computer's IP address via a proxy server allows you to get around the mobile phone verification requirement. Each time you connect to the Internet, all activity is routed through that server and then submitted to you, meaning Google won't be able to track you beyond the proxy server. IP proxy services such as Kproxy, Proxify and Anonymouse allow you to change IP addresses as needed for continuous Gmail account creations.

Use a Free Texting  Service

Services such as Textfree Web, Mysms and Text+ give you a Web-based phone number through which you can make calls and receive texts. You can use the phone number you receive from registering with one of these services as a verification number when creating a Google account. The phone number behaves like a real mobile phone number and will receive the verification code Google sends, which you can then copy over to the account creation page.

Those are the ways how to create Gmail account without phone verification. Sometimes we must consider that one person and others are different ways to make this account so it is better that If you wanna make Gmail Account, you must have several sources in order to make your process is easily to do it.
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