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Some Techniques of Audio Lingual Method

Here the writer will explain about some techniques used in Audio lingual method. Some techniques to apply the audio lingual method are Memorizing Dialog (Dialog Memorization), In this technique the students memorize a short dialogue or conversation between two people at the beginning of the lesson; Backward Build-up (Expansion) Drill, it  is used when students have trouble in memorizing the long dialogue; Repetition Drill, here, students are required to imitate the teacher as accurately and as quickly as possible; Chain Drill, this drill is done by asking students to sit around the room, then one by one student asked and answer the questions. Teachers start this drill with a greeting or asking on one of the student. Then the students answer the question before, and then he asked a friend at his side.

The other techniques are Single Slot Substitution, here, teacher reads one line of dialogue, and then students say some words or group of words. Students are required to simulate by entering a word or group of words correctly into the earlier dialogues; Multiple Slot Drill Substitution, this is the same drill with single slot substitution drill, but larger. Not only one dialogue, but a full dialogue; Transformation Drill, here, the teacher gives the students a sentence, then students are asked to change a sentence  into different forms such as: interrogative, negative, positive, passive, imperative, and so forth;

Many other techniques that we can use in audio lingual method to teach about listening like: Question and Answer Drill, that is drill model train students answer question correctly; Use Minimal Pairs, here, teachers use a different word pairs one sound, students are required to find the difference between the two words, then trained to pronounce the word correctly; Complete the Dialog, some words in a dialog is removed, then the students asked to complete the dialogue; Grammar Game, this game is similar to the game alphabet, grammar is designed to train students in a context. So that students can express their selves, although in limited portions.

Those techniques actually can be applied in all grades, but in this chance we will only try to apply them in the senior high school students. At the Senior High School years, children are in adolescence or puberty. Adolescence is a period of transition between childhoods to adulthood. Therefore, educators need to understand the developmental stages that occur in students. In line with the rapid physical development, it is also developing students' intellectual ability to think. In the senior high school, students begin to experience the development of abstract thinking and imaginative skills. They can imagine about something and think far from their real life. (Sumantri & Syaodih. Perkembangan Peserta Didik, Jakarta, 2001).

Technique of ALM

Some techniques mentioned above are examples of method that can be used in teaching learning process especially to support teaching listening. Teaching listening without audio visual method is far from the word success. By using this method, teacher is hoped can be reached the criteria of success in teaching listening. Teaching listening is the difficult one of in teaching learning English. The students get sound or vocabulary trough listening some utterances. So if the student is better in teaching listening they will be better in teaching speaking also.
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