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Domains of Achievement

Ubaidillah (2011) classifies students’ achievement in three domains. They are cognitive domain, affective domain and psycho motor domain.

English Achievement

Cognitive domains consist of categories. They are knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. One of English achievements in knowledge is student can memorize short text, translate it and can write well and correct. Example of comprehension is students can retell about narrative text after the teacher explain it.

Analysis is students’ ability to elaborate a material or condition according to smaller subdivision and they are able to comprehend the correlation between one factor and other factors. Synthesis is opposite from analysis. It is a process that combines sub division logically. So it becomes new pattern. The last is evaluation. It is the highest domain. It is students’ ability to consider a condition or idea. For example if someone have some choices. So, they will be able to choose the best choice depends on the criteria.

Affective domain consists of five aspects. They are receiving, responding, valuing, organization and characterization. The characteristic of affective achievement will appear in many kinds of attitudes. For instance, students pay attention in English lesson, his discipline to join English lesson in the school and his strong motivation to know more about English language and his respect for English Teacher.

Psycho-motor domain related to skill and act ability of students’ achievement. Example of psycho-motor domain in English lesson is students are able to create genre or short functional text. Another example is students can perform role play in English drama.

Those are the three domains of Achievement. Teacher can identify the students' ability based on this category. Each student come from the difference background so they have difference personality also. The effect is that the personality and its characteristic involved make the differences on their achievement. Sometimes, there is student who are master the cognitive domain only or others is mastering affective only. There is no one can master all the domain. If there is one or two students have those ability but it is not enough to consider that there is evidence to prove it.
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