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Prosess of Writing

Writing proses is process that will illuminate some of the complexities involved in creating written texts, Tompkins (1994:381) divided the proses of writing into five stages namely (1) pre-writing, (2) drafting, (3) revising, (4) editing, and (5) publishing.

1) Pre-writing
Pre-writing is a way to get started to write which includes activities of finding topics, generating ideas, planning content and organization. In this processes, we also think about subject and purpose of writing as well as organize writing point.

2) Drafting
Drafting is an activity to write through multiple drafts. The draft is based on the planned ideas made in pre-writing activity. When drafting, it is important to use our thesis statement as the springboard in order to control and limit the writing coverage. A first draft is preliminary draft (Troyka: 1987:46). It is not yet a perfect draft so that we need to make revision on it.

3) Revising
Revising means evaluating the draft that we have made. The evaluation must be done objectively. By evaluating we can be done objectively. By evaluating we can decide whether it needs improvement can be in whole essay, paragraph, sentence, and word. According to Troyka’ (1987:51) state that In revising there are four major activities which can be done namely (1) Adding which means that we ad words, sentences, or paragraphs that will complete our writing; (2) Cutting which means that we eliminate undesirable repetitions or whatever not related to discussed topic; (3) Replacing deals with the activity to substitute new words, sentences, and paragraph we have to eliminated; (4) Rearranging the material refers to the activity to change the illogical sequences of paragraphs (Troyka ‘ 1987:51). After revision, it is expected that the draft will be better than its preceding paragraph.

4) Editing
The activity that precedes the editing is proofreading. We proof reading our own paper in order to identify our mechanical errors. This implies that we are ready to edit the paper if we have the final draft that we have revised beforehand. In editing, we focus on surface feature. We concentrate on the use of correct grammatical rules, spelling, punctuation and other conventions This activity is time consuming and needs patience of the writer. Editing can be done systematically which means that we pay attention first to the correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, numbering, the use of italics, and abbreviations.

5) Publishing
Publishing refers to the activity to share the finished writing with others. Two ways used to publish the final copy are reading aloud what have been written, or exchanging writing with others (Gebhard, in O’Malley, 1996: 139). Through publishing, the writer will be appreciated because of their work.

The above five process are done recursively which means that they are not in linear process. The process of writing should be done if the writer hopes that they want to get the best hand writing.
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