Learning Media in Teaching Writing

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Jordan Kemp and Diane K. Dayton (Pribadi, 2004:1.5) stated about the kinds of learning media in writing. They are Mass Media, Displayed media, Overhead Transparency, Voice recording, Voice slide and strip film, Multi pictures presentation, Video and film, Computer based learning.

The Mode of Learning media in writing are as follows:
  1. Supplementary materials, such as book, newspaper, comic, magazine, bulletin, folder, periodical, pamphlet, picture etc.
  2. Audio-visual media; (1) Media without projection, such as blackboard, diagram, graphic, poster, picture, cartoon etc. (2) 3D media, such as real things, specimen, mock-ups, diorama, dolls, mask etc. (3) Media used technique, such as slide, strip film, OHP, film, radio recording, television, laboratory, computer etc.
  3. Society source such as objects, documentation etc.
  4. Material collections are things tat brought by society to school to be learned.
  5. Body Language.

Motivation is basic principle of all kind learning and teaching. In this case the writer wants to give motivation to stimulate the students and their ideas in the learning writing:

Picture as media.
Picture is often used in the English learning and teaching process. It is provided to help student to study. There are many kind of picture can be used. It can be taken from book, magazine, newspaper, internet or the other.

Picture as visual material
Picture as material have some roles. They are: to motivate the students to write; to create the context in the written text; to provide information for the student including object, action, event; to non-verbal cues for manipulating practice; to provide non-verbal prompt for writing composition.

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